America's Giant 32
Las Vegas Backgammon Magazine, June 1981
LVBM June 1981 There is a player in L.A. who refers to himself as a "backgammon dwarf" because of his lack of skill. Upon hearing that, our co-publisher Joel Rettew assumed if there are dwarfs there must be giants — and that's how the idea of the Giant 32 developed.

Initially, the plan was to have the top twenty-five players, but thirty-two seemed a more appropriate number. This leaves the door open for a "super-elimination" championship.

The players' names on this list were arrived at by consensus. Those asked to contribute to the list included: regional directors of backgammon clubs, authors, tournament promoters, and the top players who make it their business to know the competition. These experts were asked to judge players on four levels: tournament performance, academic knowledge, money play skills, and flair. The data was run through our computer and these are the results.

This list is not concrete — it is a living list that will change from issue to issue. Readers can suggest addtions or deletions. All input will be considered and changes will be based on the mail we receive. Everyone has an opportunity to rally to the support of the player he most admires. Mail suggestions and votes to: Giant 32, P.O. Box 19567, Las Vegas, NV 89119.

Giant 32

Ball, Vernon
Ballard, Nick
Beattie, Marshal
Carson, Mike
Chellstorp, Craig
Cooke, Barclay
Dickman, Arthur
Eisenberg, Billy
Gilbert, Tom
Goble, Tony
Goulding, Kent
Hodis, Al
Horowitz, Gaby
Jacoby, Oswald
Larsen, Kyle
Lowe, Roger
Leibowitz, David
Lester, Jason
Maffeo, Nick
Magriel, Paul
Martin, Alan
Munro, Joe
Nivedano, Anand
Papazian, Chuck
Pasko, Jim
Robertie, Bill
Scalamandre, Gino
Sconyers, Hugh
Seidel, Erik
Senkiewicz, Mike
Tomchin, Stan
Winslow, Elliot

The following players missed Giant 32 status by one point:

Dennis Carlston
Wayne McClintock
Mike Corbett
Malcom Davis
Greg DeFotis
Dick Furlaud
Lee Genud
Tim Holland
Buddy Khoury
Aram Kouleyan
Sandy Lubetkin
Joey Mirzoeff
Howard Perlman
Chris Peterson
Kal Robinson
Tobias Stone
Kit Woolsey
Kattie Wright

These players have been nominated for Giant 32 status.

Billy Horan
Lynn Goldsmith
Mike Valentine
Peter Weichsel
Mel Drapkin
Bob Wilensky
Bob Bishop
Claude Beer
Fran Goldfarb
Kathy Posner
Norman Zadeh
Joe Suzyn
Dan Harrington
Ralph Chafetz
Todd Vander Pluym
Lilly Gross

We have sent a list of these names to our rating experts and asked them to vote them in or out of the Giant 32. Each "in" vote must be accompanied by an "out" vote for one of the names already on the championship list. Interested readers can also vote in the same manner. Send votes to the above address.

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