This article originally appeared in the July 2000 issue of GammOnLine.
Thank you to Kit Woolsey for his kind permission to reproduce it here.

My First 64-Cube

By Stein Kulseth
"Hi-yo, Stein," Jemimah said as I entered Harvey's Bar and Grill, dancing towards her far end table, "you seem to be in an even better mood than usual."

"Yes, Jem, last night I won my first 64-cube ever, and the euphoria hasn't worn off."

"So, who was doing the steaming?"

"Nobody. All twists and takes seemed reasonable. In any case, the last two were definitely correct, coming from Robertie's position:"




The other guy



"He doubles. I take. He rolls 21. I redouble to 64. He takes. I roll 62. He rolls ... 52! Tada! 64 points! Do you think he was sorry that he turned down my offer to settle before that last roll? Or was he?"

"And you're sure you were correct to take?"

"Of course, I know this position by heart. You really think it is a drop?"

"Might not be, but then again ... I'm just a little surprised that you're so sure," she said, the orange and green twinkling in those brown eyes.

Well, at least I had been sure, but Jemimah looking at me that way can make me forget my middle name, and I don't even have a middle name.

Could the take be wrong?

Solution to the puzzle will appear next month.

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