Jemimah's Beaver Creek Double

By Stein Kulseth

This article originally appeared in the May 2000 issue of GammOnLine.
Thank you to Kit Woolsey for his kind permission to reproduce it here.

I walked into Harvey's Bar and Grill, and was pleased to find Jemimah sitting at the far end table, as always with her miniature board in front of her.

"Hi-yo Stein," she called, "come on over and have a look at this." On the board was this position:





"Now is that a triple auto?" I asked.

"Yep, this is a position I found myself in at PB's last night. You ever been there?"

"No, but I hear they call it 'Beaver Creek'."

"That's true, the crowd there do have a reputation for loose cubes, sporting takes and unlimited autodoubles. In fact, things have been getting a little out of hand lately, so PB is now enforcing a strict cube limit of 64. Now, in this position it is Blue on roll, what is the correct cube action?"

"No double for sure, that's the trivial part, but am I right in assuming that this didn't stop someone from doubling you?"

"Correct on both counts," Jemimah smiled, "Blue doubles, then it gets interesting."

"Interesting schminteresting, this looks pretty straight forward," I started, but then again almost nothing about Jemimah is entirely straight forward. You know, her eyes are brown, but the left one has a touch of green while the right one has a touch of orange.

Solution to the puzzle will appear next month.

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