Book Review

Michelin Chabot's
Backgammon, How Much Should You Bet

Kathy Posner, 1982

From Backgammon Times, Volume 2, Number 4, Fall 1982.

How Much Should You Bet?

by Michelin Chabot
98 pages, $15

In recent years there has been a plethora of backgammon books that deal with checker movement, cube strategy, match play, and game theory. Finally there is a book written from a refreshing new angle. Michelin Chabot's Backgammon, How Much should You Bet deals with money management and the variables that a player must consider in determining the size of his wager.

When you first pick up this publication and flip through the pages you might become discouraged. At first glance this book appears too mathematical and impractical. Do not become intimidated by this. The early chapters, which are somewhat complex in nature, create a foundation that the rest of the book builds on. Michelin has developed through a series of proven formulas interesting criteria for determining the maximization of monetary success in relation to overall time, hourly time, or sessional time.

At first the book deals with money management in general and then continues specifically with backgammon. I personally found chapter eight, "Money Management vs. the Doubling Cube," to be one of the most fascinating and relevant backgammon gambling theories that I have ever read. The book is worth twice its price for this section alone. I would love to see Michelin expand this particular chapter into a whole book.

So don't be scared away by the difficult mathematical equations. This book really has so much to offer.

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