Simborg's Backgammon Tips
by Phil Simborg, 2007
Phil Simborg
  1. Never drop the cube if it means losing the box.

  2. Only nerds count pips.

  3. Never hesitate. It's a sign of weakness.

  4. Be creative. Any idiot can make the bar with a 6-1.

  5. The best way to break a streak of bad rolls is to double.

  6. Almost every cube is a take.

  7. Always go with your gut, even if logic tells you otherwise.

  8. If you win the opening roll, you're probably going to win the game, so double!

  9. The faster you play, the better you play.

  10. The more you hit, the better.

  11. Don't take advice from so-called experts. They're just luckier.

  12. If you're stuck, raise the stakes. It might change your luck.

  13. If you're not sure, double.

  14. If your opponent isn't doubling, you probably should be.

  15. Most of the time, the best move is an illegal move.

Phil Simborg is a fulltime backgammon player and teacher.
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