Goulding's Backgammon with the Champions
Kit Woolsey, 1981
Las Vegas Backgammon Magazine, December 1981
Backgammon with the Champions Backgammon with the Champions, by Kent Goulding.
Published bimonthly, $15 per issue. 1-year subscription (6 issues) for $60.

I have just finished reading the second issue of Backgammon with the Champions, a new publication by Kent Goulding, one of America's top players and an excellent analyst. Each issue contains a fully annotated long match between two experts, usually a late round in an important tournament.

Reading this magazine is like kibitzing a backgammon match between experts, with the experts carefully explaining their reasons for each difficult move. I found that every time there was doubt in my mind as to the correct play or cube action, Goulding was there with an analysis of the possible choices and a lucid and accurate explanation of the reasoning which results in the proper action. If he disagrees with the player's move, Goulding does not hesitate in saying so and explaining why, giving further understanding to the position.

The magazine is virtually free of errors in dice rolls and moves, with frequent diagrams throughout each game at critical points. The casual player will enjoy the excitement of playing through the high-level matches with an expert commentator, while there is a wealth of information for the serious student of the game of great value to any player, regardless of skill. One issue of Backgammon with the Champions will teach a player more than a private lesson with an expert — so at the subscription price of $10 per issue it is a bargain. I am already looking forward to receiving my next copy.

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