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  Backgammon Clubs
  Starting a Backgammon Club
By Michael Crane.

It's not easy starting a new backgammon club. You need patience, at least two backgammon players, and a lot of help. Here's everything you need to know to get your club up and running successfully.
  Forming and Operating a Backgammon Club
By Bill Davis.

These tips are from Bill Davis of the Chicago Point newsletter and Chicago Bar Point Club. They are primarily based on experience of United States clubs, but most of the advice should apply anywhere.
  USA Backgammon Clubs
By Bill Davis.

A well maintained list of backgammon clubs in the United States with contact information and meeting times.
  How to Run a Chouette
By Tom Keith.

Chouettes offer many advantages over one-on-one play in a club situation. They are fun, sociable, and exciting. And it is easy for players to join a game or take a brief break when they want to. Here are the basic rules and common variations for running a chouette.
  Online Chouettes
By Hank Youngerman.

An introduction to online chouettes and how they can work. Most backgammon play sites have no special software to play chouettes. So you need someone to run the chouette who will keep score and keep track of the position of all cubes.
  ABA Chouette Rules
By Gregg Cattanach.

A great set of rules for chouettes used by the Atlanta Backgammon Association. Covers: Basics and terms, Stakes, Consultation, Scoring and settlements, Doubling, Rotation, Proxies, Legal Plays, Pip count, Scorekeeping, and Modifications to the rules.
  Chouette Rules
By Peter Max Friis Jensen.

Basic rules, common variations, tips, and examples of how to play a chouette. Includes a chouette score sheet.
Several articles on various rules in chouette that have been posted to the rec.games.backgammon newsgroup.
  A Virtual Tour of a Backgammon Tournament
By Beth Skillman.

A nice web page describing what a backgammon tournament is like. There are quick tips, explanations, and examples of the lingo, mores and etiquette to help you feel at home when you attend your first tournament.
  Fundamentals of Tournament Backgammon
By Butch Meese.

An explanation of the rules of backgammon as they apply to tournament play, and a quick introduction to the strategy.
  Champions of Major Tournaments
By Martin Short.

As there is no single worldwide backgammon organisation, there is no single premier tournament. But here are the winners of five major competitions.
  United States Backgammon Tournament Rules and Procedures
March 1990.

Rules of conduct for backgammon tournaments in the United States. These rules often form a basis for tournaments conducted outside the United States as well.
  Unified Backgammon Tournament Clock Rules
February 2001.

In some larger tournaments, games are played with chess clocks to help keep the tournament on schedule. Here are the rules that apply when clocks are used.
  BIBA Tournament Rules
Tournament rules of the British Isles Backgammon Association.
  Backgammon by the Bay Tournament Rules
By Beth Skillman and Richard McIntosh.

Tournament rules used at the Backgammon by the Bay Club. These rules are designed to create a fair, sportsmanlike, and enjoyable tournament.
  Crane Rules
By Michael Crane.

Michael Crane answers questions on the rules of backgammon and tournament play. Crane is an experienced tournament director. His answers are based on the rules of the British Isles Backgammon Association (BIBA).
  Giants of Backgammon
By Yamin Yamin.

Which players are the most respected and feared by their fellow competitors? Every two years since 1993, Yamin Yamin of Illinois has surveyed Championship-level players and tournament directors around the world. He asks them to rank the best currently active players in the world, considering both tournament skills and side action.
  Mark Your Calendar Alive
By Carol Joy Cole.

Calendar of tournaments held in the United States and around the world. Includes face-to-face tournaments as well as some online ones.
  Tournament Posts
Articles on different types of tournaments and rulings that come up in tournaments. Collected postings from the rec.games.backgammon newsgroup.
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