“Three Great Games”
Rollout of Game 2, Position 8b
From Backgammon: the Cruelest Game, by Barclay Cooke and Jon Bradshaw

White to play 3-2.

White covers the 3 point in his own board with a man from his 6 point and hits black on the 12 point with the 2. This is a close decision, but black’s board is now just good enough so that white feels he should avoid giving a direct shot.

14/12*, 6/3
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Tom Keith 2013 
Money play
White owns 2-cube
White rolls 3-2

1296 games with VR
Checker play: 3-ply
Cube play: XG Roller

3-2: Game BG   Equity
1 14/12*, 6/3 W
+0.8840 x  *

Three Great Games,” Backgammon: the Cruelest Game

Backgammon: the Cruelest Game (1974), by Barclay Cooke and Jon Bradshaw

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