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Where to Buy Backgammon Books

Backgammon books are not as widely available as books for other games such as bridge and chess, so you canít expect to walk into a bookstore and find a good book on backgammon. But there are many good backgammon books available if you know where to look.

Here are some of my favorite places to get backgammon books.

  North America

Carol Joy Cole offers a wide selection of books on backgammon. Her web site, Backgammon a la Carte has a list of the books she offers along with other backgammon-related items. This is a great source of books published within the past 20 years. I've bought books from her several times and have always been pleased with the prompt and friendly service. Carol Joy Cole is in Flint, Michegan, U.S.A. For more details, call 810-232-9731 or contact cjc@flintbg.com.

Books published by The Gammon Press and back issues of Inside Backgammon can be purchased directly from the The Gammon Press, P.O. Box 294, Arlington, MA, U.S.A. The Gammon Press is run by Bill Robertie, author of many great backgammon books. For more details, visit the The Gammon Press web site or call 781-641-2091.


The Backgammon Shop has a wide selection of new and used books. The Backgammon Shop is located at 106 Dunblane Drive, Cubbington, Leamington Spa CV32 7TP, UK. (Tel./Fax: UK: 01926 881613, International: +44 1926 881613.)

  Used Books

Many backgammon books that were published in the 1970's are now out of print but you can often get these books used. Check your local used-book stores and see what they have. Also, donít forget about your local library. Many libraries have very nice collections of backgammon books.

There are hundreds of used book stores on the internet, where you can view their inventory and order online. One of my favorites is Powells Books. Harder-to-find books can be located through bookseller networks such as ABEbooks.

There are always backgammon books for sale on eBay. This is a good place to get popular books such as Magrielís Backgammon (expect to pay $30 to $50 + s/h) or Jacoby and Crawfordís The Backgammon Book (about $5 + s/h). Harder-to-find books occasionally show up on Ebay too.

  More Information

Chuck Bower once wrote a guide to buying used backgammon books which he posted to rec.games.backgammon. You can read his advice here.


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