1. One of the twenty-four narrow triangles, twelve on each side, of a backgammon board, where the players' checkers sit. The points are numbered for each player 1 to 12 across the near side of the board and 13 to 24 in the other direction across the far side of the board. Either player's one-point is the other player's 24-point.
  2. Two or more checkers on the same triangle; a made point.
  3. To hit a blot and make the point in the same turn with the same roll; to point on a blot.
  4. A unit of scoring. Each game is worth 1, 2, or 3 points (for a single game, a gammon, or a backgammon (2)) multiplied by the value of the doubling cube. In money play, you play for a certain value per point. In match play, each match is played to a predetermined number of total points.


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