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From:   Sture Lifh
Date:   16 July 2004
Subject:   Legal rolls?
Google:   KeNJc.98660$

I have seen rules where it stands that the dice are not allowed to touch
any part of your hand/s or finger/s when you throw them out of the
dicecup. Can anyone tell me if there is a written rule somhwere on the
internet where itīs written like that?

Iīve found this and its the same as WBF Tournament rules.

    "4.1   RANDOM ROLLS. Dice are strictly a means of obtaining random
    numbers; any other use violates the rules and the spirit of backgammon.
    A legal roll consists of shaking the dice vigorously in a dice cup and
    then simultaneously tossing them out at a discernible height above the
    playing surface, allowing them to bounce and roll freely."

Albert Steg  writes:

I don't know of sources, but for sure, dice should not touch the fingers
after leaving the dice cup. That's why we have dice cups!


Ric Gerace  writes:

How about as they leave? I cover the mouth of the cup with a couple of
fingers in order to give a good shake and let the dice trip over a finger
as they exit on the throw.


T.H.  writes:

That is precisely the situation that many object to.  (I don't know why
they object, really, since "control" is difficult at best, but object
they do.)

I was rolling in the right hand board which was the inner table.  To avoid
the repeated cocked dice and dice landing on his checkers, I rolled weakly.
That is, the dice only rolled a little bit after leaving the cup.  My
opponent went through the roof and called the tournament director!  The
director supported my opponent and insisted that the dice roll at least 6
inches before coming to rest!  As if "control" were possible.

Gregg Cattanach  writes:

There isn't anything about 'rolling 6 inches' in the rules, of course, but
the dice need to bounce and roll after they come out of the cup.  Even with
lots of checkers in the inner board, you can easily make them roll, not
just deposit them on the board.  With a vigorous shake 'dice control' is
effectively impossible, but it is a proper request to have the dice roll
some distance accross the board.

Gregg C.
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