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Making notes during play

From:   Randy Pals
Date:   4 August 2008
Subject:   Rules question - notes
Forum:   BGonline

Although I've played online extensively, I haven't yet played in many
tournaments so I'm not very familiar with rules and etiquette. One thing
you gotta do OTB is count pips occasionally. Is it against the rules or a
faux pas to do a little scribbling on the back of the scoresheet as you do
this? I'm not talking about making a long list of numbers to add up, or
taking a long time to do it. I'm talking about scribbling maybe a few
numbers, for example your half-crossover count and your opponents --
something like that.

BTW, in chess, where I have escaped from, this is forbidden by the rules.
Players are not allowed to write things except for keeping score.

Bill Riles  writes:

No writing except the score -- and maybe occasionally scratching down a
position for later study.

Stick  writes:

US Rules (

    1.5 AIDS. Once a match is in progress, players shall not use written,
    mechanical or electronic aids except to keep score.

I've never heard of anyone not allowing you to write down a position on a
position card if you like. I'm also pretty sure if someone tried to deny
you that the tournament director would tell them to go to hell.

A couple things you should do when playing live is make sure to wait until
your opponent's dice are completely off the board and in his cup. You're in
no hurry, don't rush. This will make sure you don't roll early and help
keep you at a methodic pace.

Use only one hand when moving the checkers. This is not only a rule, but it
should also help you visualize long term. A large number of players use
both hands to move the checkers, this can cause confusion and lead to
positions where neither play know what the *original* position was.

I'm sure there are more things to remember for live play, but those are the
two biggest that come to my mind.

Jason Lee  writes:

> I've never heard of anyone not allowing you to write down a position on a
> position card if you like.

I wouldn't object, but if a person was using a lot of position cards, I
might suggest to them that a digital camera is in order.

Evan  writes:

With regards to writing down positions in a way that it doesn't provide the
appearance of impropriety, I tell my opponent that I'd like to jot down
this position, but I first announce my play or cube decision.  This ensures
that I'm not using the note card in anyway to calculate pip count or
otherwise provide me with some sort of mechanical feedback.

I have had trouble with finding a good system for using a digital camera
that captures all relevant data legibly. The problem is that the score card
is sometimes not dark enough to be readable.

Gregg Cattanach  writes:

Regarding knowing the score when using a digital camera:

I do a thing in the corner of the board with dice and a 'Rummi-Cube' tile.
The Rummi-Cube tile has a number on it that tells me the length of the
match. To the left of the tile, I use a die or dice to show my score and to
the right of the tile the die or dice show the opponent's score.

This works quite well and I don't have to put my score sheet on the board
to take the picture. You just have to remember to rotate the dice after
each game is complete.
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