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From:   William Womack
Date:   14 February 2010
Subject:   TBS Boards vs Crisloid
Forum:   bgonline

I am looking to buy a tournament size (I know that is sort of a nebulous
definition) board for playing with friends and perhaps a some club play. I
play mostly online and cannot justify spending several hundred dollars on a

I have been looking at the Crisloid Champion Boards, which I have found
online for $120 but then I came across the TBS Boards from the Chess Store
at the same price. I was wondering if anyone has experience with the TBS
boards and how they compare to Crisloid? I realize many people here don't
like the cork boards period, but given my price range and usage I don't see
any other alternatives.

Randy Pals  writes:

You might want to check out the newer Crisloid boards with a suede-like
surface -- $180. I got one a while back from Carol Joy Cole. For a lower
end board, it's pretty nice.

Chuck Bower  writes:

I agree that the difference between a hard (cork) surface Crisloid and a
soft (fabric) one is quite noticeable. Apparently it's an extra $30 or so,
which might be an issue for some. But if you can afford the difference, I
think you'll be pleased with the 'upgrade'.

Chris Knapp  writes:

I've been more than pleased with my Crisloid board, as it stands up very
well to being tossed around with my luggage when I travel/fly. The playing
surface is starting to see its signs of the beatings its taking.  One of
the things I "banked" on was that the cork surfaces were relatively easy to
order/buy/replace when they have seen their due.

Seth  writes:

I have played in a chouette with crisloid backgammon sets for the past ten+
years -- both table and attache case. For approx. $150.00 or so, they are
just fine for the game.
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