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  Backgammon Cube Action 1000

  AUTHOR: Ryuichi Shiina
  YEAR: 2013
  PUBLISHER: More Culture
  CITY: Tokyo
  ISBN: 978-4-907194-02-4
  BINDING: Softcover
  PAGES: 338
  SIZE: 18 cm high, 13 cm wide
Volume 2
Volume 1

The three-volume set contains 1000 backgammon positions and rollouts for the associated cube action. Each page has a diagram of the position and the output of an Extreme Gammon V2 rollout. There is no additional commentary. Volume 1 covers opening and early middle game cubes; volume 2 deals with middle game and late middle game cubes; volume 3 has endgame cubes. See these Sample Pages.

     "The book is basically a collection of mistakes made by world class
players. The author watched hundreds of thousands of games on GridGammon
and carefully chose instructive mistakes and classified them by type of
position. Each problem is analyzed by XG2 rollout. I enjoyed reading them (and still reading) for my own learning. I recommend this set of books to any serious player."—Mochy, February 2013


     "One might think that the author simply tossed together a bunch of rollouts and put them into three volumes. On the contrary, these books are well organized and the material is very valuable to good intermediate players and above. To best understand this book, one needs to be familiar with bot output. This book won't help beginners, as most of them can't make much use of EMG equity, and there is no commentary to enlighten them. I highly recommend these volumes for good intermediate players and even for top Giants."--Neil Kazaross, Flint Area BackgammoNews, Spring 2013


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