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Albert Steg

Jul 2004       Rules--Legal roll
Nov 1998   Equipment--Bakelite checkers
Nov 1998   Etiquette--When to quit
Sep 1998   Chouettes--Money management
Aug 1998   History--Books on the history of backgammon
Aug 1998   Books--Steed: Backgammon: The Meanest Game
Aug 1998       Books--Cooke & Bradshaw: Backgammon--The Cruelest Game
Jan 1998   Equipment--Board design
Nov 1996       Books--Martyn: Phillip Martyn on Backgammon
Jul 1996   Chouettes--Extras
Feb 1996   Variations--Duplicate backgammon
Feb 1996   Learning--How to improve
Feb 1996       Variations--Old English
Nov 1995       Learning--Practice/study plan
Jun 1995   Chouettes--Order of succession
Mar 1995   History--The name "backgammon"
Feb 1995   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Practical strategy
May 1994   Cheating--Gamesmanship vs. cheating
May 1994       Books--Ball: Alpha Backgammon
May 1994       Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Proof for doubling immediately
May 1994   Books--Tzannes brothers: Backgammon Games and Strategies
May 1994       Books--Becker: Backgammon for Blood

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