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Timothy Chow

Mar 2013   Probability and Statistics--Average luck of each roll
Mar 2013   Puzzles--Infinite loops
Feb 2013   Puzzles--Is this position reachable?
Dec 2012   Terminology--"Bagai position"
Dec 2012   Variations--Bluff Cube
Aug 2012   Cube Handling in Races--What's your favorite formula?
Jul 2012   Book Suggestions--Which book by Chris Bray should I buy?
Jul 2012       Books--Kershaw: Backgammon Funfair
Jun 2012       Books--Euler: Everyday Errors in Checker Play
Sep 2011   Puzzles--Three-cube position
May 2011   Books--Hickey & Storer: What's Your Game Plan?
Apr 2011   Books--Cooke & Orléan: Championship Backgammon
Jan 2011   Tournaments--Clocks--Arguments against them
Jan 2011       Learning--How to improve cube handling
Jun 2010       Opening Rolls--Nactation
May 2010   Rollouts--Confidence intervals
Apr 2010   Strategy--Checker play--How to trap an anchor
Apr 2010       Terminology--"Anchor and guard" position
Oct 2009   Rules--Moving checkers unambiguously
Oct 2009   Etiquette--Moving hit checker first
Aug 2009   Puzzles--13 blots

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