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Patti Beadles

Dec 2007       Books--Woolsey & Beadles: 52 Great Backgammon Tips
Jan 2004       Equipment--Boards--Dal Negro
Dec 2003   Ratings--FIBS rating formula
Aug 2003       Miscellaneous--Handicapping
Mar 2003       Tournaments--Uniform rules and procedures?
Jan 2003   Cheating--Using computer to aid online play
Jan 2001   Equipment--Precision dice
Jul 1999       Equipment--What is "tournament size"?
Apr 1998       Pip Counting--Running pip count
Jan 1998       Opening Rolls--Opening 64: Make the two point?
Nov 1997       Play Sites--MSN Gaming Zone--Overall experience
Mar 1996   Etiquette--Dealing with droppers
Dec 1994   Pip Counting--Tips
Aug 1994   Ratings--Table of ratings changes

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