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From:   Patti Beadles
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Date:   18 December 2003
Subject:   Re: rating formula
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Here is what you get when you ask FIBS for it's rating formula:

> help formula
  formula - The formulas used to calculate rating changes

  These are the formulas used to determine the ratings of a player:
  Let's say that two players P1 and P2 were playing a n-point match.
  The ratings of the players are r1 for P1 and r2 for P2 .

  Let D = abs(r1-r2)      (rating difference)
  Let P_upset = 1/(10^(D*sqrt(n)/2000)+1) (probability that underdog wins)
  Let P=1-P_upset if the underdog wins and P=P_upset if the favorite wins.

  For the winner:
    Let K = max ( 1 , -experience/100+5 )
    The rating change is: 4*K*sqrt(n)*P
  For the loser:
    Let K = max ( 1 , -experience/100+5 )
    The rating change is: -4*K*sqrt(n)*P

  The 'experience' of a player is the sum of the lengths of all matches
  a player has finished. Every player starts with a rating of 1500 and
  an experience of 0.



Let's walk through this in English.

D is the difference in the two ratings.  If you're rated 1850 and I'm
rated 1750, then D=100.  Easy enough.

n is the match length.  The real workhorse of the formula is in the
P_upset line; that calculates the probability of the lower-ranked
player winning the match.

P then becomes P_upset if the lower-rated player wins, or 1 - P_upset
if the higher-rated player wins.

K is the factor that scales for people with lower experience.  Once
a player hits 400 experience, K is always 1.

So essentially, the winner get 4 * the square root of the match
length * the probability of his winning, and the loser loses that

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