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  Wind Assisted

  AUTHOR: Chris Bray
  YEAR: 2010
  PUBLISHER: Chris Bray (Lulu)
  CITY: London
  BINDING: Softcover
  PAGES: 225
  SIZE: 29 cm high, 20.5 cm wide
An anthology of Bray's best columns from the Independent. The articles were written between 2006 and 2010.

     "The structure as a collection of stand-alone columns makes it an especially good choice for anyone who has a busy schedule and can only grab a bit of backgammon study time at odd moments. But I also recommend it for the rest of us, because this problem collection covers a lot of ground and will help keep our awareness of principles and their application sharp.
      In most cases, Bray uses problems where the answer is clear to the bot, and also to the human audience once he explains the thought process. Short columns can lead to concise analysis, which is good, but sometimes also to insufficient explanation. Bray is limited to 275 words per column.
      This book has problems of interest to players of all levels who appreciate the infinite variety this game constantly provides. I enjoyed this book and expect you will also."—Mary Hickey, Flint Area BackgammoNews, Summer 2010.

1. Introduction 
  COVER: In this anthology of his most recent Independent articles, Chris traces the development of on-line play and looks at many other aspects of the game.
      Backgammon is changing rapidly and much of it is now played on-line which requires some different skills. In tournament backgammon clocks are becoming the norm which means that a premium is now placed on the ability to analyse accurately at speed. Computers continue to get faster and backgammon-playing programs continue to improve which can only help the average player to improve his game as well.
      The timeless characters who make up Chris's menagerie continue to paint a vibrant picture of life in the high stakes chouette — the very lifeblood of backgammon. Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson are also on hand to lend instruction.

Chris Bray is the backgammon columnist for The Independent newspaper in London and has been playing and studying the game for nearly thirty years.

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