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Missing candidate plays

From:   Klaus Evers
Address:   k.evers@gmx.de
Date:   23 April 2009
Subject:   Please, cure this disease
Forum:   BGonline.org Forums

One of my biggest problems is overlooking a good candidate move.  Kit
already wrote an article about it. The biggest errors come from not looking
at the right candidate at all.  What can I do against these occasional
lacks of concentration?

Here is the whopper from one of my latest matches:

      24  23  22  21  20  19      18  17  16  15  14  13
     |     O       O   O   O |   |                       |
     |     O       O   O   O |   |                       |
     |             O   O   O |   |                       |
     |                 O   O |   |                       |
     |                 O     |   |                       |
     |                       |   |                       |  X rolls 2-1
  X  |                       |   |                       |
  X  |                       |   |                       |
 XX  |         X             |   |                       |
 XX  | X       X   X         |   |                       |
 XX  | X   O   X   X         |   |                       |
       1   2   3   4   5   6       7   8   9  10  11  12

I didn't want to get hit or leave a shot. I tried to clear the 4, but that
didn't work.

4/2*/1 ... blot.

4/2*, 4/3 ... blot

3/1/off ... safe!

The whole process took 2 sec at most. I just never looked at playing the
ace first.   His last roll was 6-6, which made a nice escape from my 2
point.  That roll gave me a big disappointment, probably affecting my
concentration on this 2-1 move.

Sam Pottle  writes:

It's very easy to overlook plays after a big swing. You may be emotional,
and the nature of the position is likely to have changed. Whenever you or
your opponent has just rolled a joker or anti-joker, slow down. Take a deep
breath and a few extra seconds to look at the position that's in front of
you now, instead of the position you had for the last few turns.

Richard Munitz  writes:

This is a big problem for me too. I describe this as a blind spot. I find
that this problem is most often not due to a lack of concentration, but
rather a preconception of what you are hoping to accomplish. You have a
blot you are hoping to safety and you can and so you do when meanwhile you
could make a point. Get those goals out of yourhead before you consider
your legal moves. Easier said than done, I know.
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