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From:   Achim Müller
Date:   10 July 1997
Subject:   BG Software
Google:   5q2tlu$

Hi folks,

In chess there are two main programs availible, "Chessbase and Fritz".
Chessbase is one of the best databases, Fritz a strong Computer player. You
can use both programs to save positions, games and matches, replay, analyse
and edit existing games, sort databases by name, openings, endgames or your
own developed keys and so on. There are at least half a million games of
strong players availible. One of the greatest features is, that you can
connect Chessbase and Fritz, so that Fritz will analyse a game or a

If you are playing chess you can profit a lot by using this software, and
your strength will arise, if you use it effectevely. I know that many
professional chess player are working with both programs.

Of course there is a lot of other chess software, but most of them try to
make the different sizes compatible to each other.

When I first surfed through the internet and tried to check out all the
existing software related to backgammon, I was a little bit confused. There
is a lot of software to save FIBS-matches (I'm not able to work with it up
to now, :-(), a few replay programs, Jellyfish and other playing stuff,
bearoff databases and, and, and...

Matches are recorded in html, gam, mat, pos, txt, pdf... i can't list all
the different sizes.

I'm not very good in backgammon (as you can see in FIBS and Gamesgrid
rating lists, :-)), anyhow I like it more than chess. But I try to improve
and absorb everything I can reach. Moreover I like to replay and analyse
matches, particularly my own. And I enjoy replaying (annotated) matches
just to relax. But I'm not willed to buy and install thousands of different
programs to get most of the backgammon stuff.

Please, don't misunderstand me. Acknowledgement to all software deployer,
praise to all who comment and publish matches and positions, thanks to
everybody who initiate backgammon related server and homepages. I think
they all do invaluable work where I can profit from. But it seems, that
they all try to leave from each other rather than working together.

In my opinion the development of backgammon theory and practise is in a
stage, that chess reached at the beginning of this century (if it's
comparable at all). There is one big advantage: we now have hard- and
software making it easier to walk through the mystery of this fascinating

Coming to the end: I would like to get a pogram that involves most or maybe
more of the features mentioned above. A program with good graphics, editor,
rollout feature, possible to play against and a working database. And I
would pay a fair price for it.

Good luck in all games

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