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From:   neilkaz
Address:   neilkaz@earthlink.net
Date:   11 September 2010
Subject:   Clocks and Penalties and Pip Counting
Forum:   BGonline.org Forums

Here are a couple suggestions to count pips faster and more practically.

1) Learn to count pips quicker; ie, practice.

2) Learn to cluster count.
   (See: http://www.bkgm.com/articles/McCool/cluster.html)

3) Learn to count by difference between positions as sometimes your
   position is very similar to your opp's.

4) Break the board up into quadrants and compare; ie, sometimes I see that
   I am 2 pips ahead in my homeboard vs opp's homeboard, and then a quick
   glance at the outfields shows that I am not ahead there.  So I certainly
   am not cubing.

5) Count only the difference on the midpoints; ie, if I have 3 on the mid
   and my opp has 4, that counts 13 for him.

6) It is rarely necessary to know the exact count. Lets say that my method
   results in my count being 73 and I am 7 pips up and I didn't take into
   account the 3 duplicated checkers on each mid point. I now add 39 to 73
   and get 112 and certainly I am not cubing a normal race in a money play
   situation when my count is 112 and I am only up 7 pips. But 95% of the
   time I can just ignore the excess on the mid point. For example, my
   method says my count is 78 and opp's count is 91 so I am up 13 pips and
   almost regardless of how many duplicated checkers are on the mid points
   I just flip the cube and let him worry about it.

7) Often a nice time savings is to at least start to count your pips while
   your opp is considering his move or even while he's shaking his dice.

8) Count only when it is needed and if considering a run or stay decision
   with a big double, take a look at the position if you stay, since the
   only play to do so may be hideous and therefore your decision to run is
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