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From:   Achim Müller
Date:   15 August 1998
Subject:   Snowie hints and questions
Google:   6r3v0i$bs6$

Hi Folks,

using Snowie now for round about a month I have a few (maybe useful) hints
and a few questions.

1. On my notebook I changed the harddisk from FAT-16 to FAT-32 (8
clusters), on my pc from FAT-32 (32 clusters) to FAT-32 (8 clusters). In
both cases I had to re-register my Snowie copy, because the reg-code #2 had

2. When you want to do a rollout of a lot of given positions, it's easier
to load them via the windows-explorer. Start Snowie and open the
windows-explorer. Then go to the directory, where you put your position
files. Mark (for example) 10 files, rightclick on them and choose "open" in
he context menue.

3. When you play on fibs using the Bbgt4.0 you are able to save matches as
Jellyfish *.mat files. If you to open them with Jellyfish, it works without
problems. If you try to import them with Snowie, you get the error message "
no match found".
Soloution: Open the *.mat file with any editor. In the first line you'll
find for example "5 Point Match". Change it to " 5 point match" , and Snowie
will import this match.

4. For importing Gamesgrid matches, you usually should have the version
2.09 (release 558) to save the matches as *.sgg files. If you still have an
older version there is another way to import them into Snowie. Save the
match as usual (*.cbg). Then go to the menue "edit" and "copy match". Open
any editor and choose "insert". Save the file, open Snowie and import the

Now a few questions:

1. Has anybody found a way to save Gamesgrid money sessions?

2. Has anybody found a way to analyse several matches in a row (like a

3. How can I see the volatility in a given position (as in JF)?

4. Is there a way to put the bearoff database on the harddisk and use it? I
don't have an internal cdrom drive on my notebook.

Achim (acepoint)

André Nicoulin  writes:

To answer your questions:

1. Money session: no, Snowie does not have the notion of a money session in
the current version. Version 2 will surely have this feature...
2. Batch analysis of several match: not possible. We will include it in
version 2.0.
3. Volatility: there is a volatility information in the panel Dice. Besides
this, one should understand that Snowie is based on the Early/Late cost
ratio for making her cube decision, and that there is a link (not obvious
but ...) with the volatility.
4. Database on hard drive: there is several databases in Snowie:
  - full and exact database up to point 6 and up to 8 checkers: always on
Hard drive
  - binomial database up to 15 checkers: if CD ROM inserted : up to point
11, else up to point 8 from HD.

Hope this help...

The Oasya Team
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