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From:   Ron Barry
Date:   28 March 2001
Subject:   Internet Backgammon Etiquette

I have recently had the experience of being chastised in the chat
section of Yahoo backgammon for my part in the following exchange:

(1) I was in a disadvantageous situation, made a lucky roll, and
    reversed the advantage with my play (which was an obvious play).

(2) My opponent posted the following in the chat box: "nr", which I
    take to be an acronym for "nice roll".

(3) I posted "Indeed", for lack of anything more cogent to reply.

(4) Whereupon my opponent rather snippily informed me that a simple
    "ty" (for "thank you"?) would have been sufficient (and presumably

(5) I apologized for my seeming rudeness and proceeded with the game.

My questions are these:    Why would anyone bother to congratulate
another player on having been the recipient of a favorable chance
occurrence, which has nothing to do with the other player's skill? What
should be the appropriate response to such a non sequitur?

Regards, Ron Barry.

Jive Dadson  writes:

I hate that.  It seems the opponent always says "nr" when he's mangled
half of his plays, but he's rolled enough miracles to bury you anyway.
Then you get a good shake and he says, "nr".  Grrrrrrrrr.

I remember once I had been watching my opponent shuffle his checkers
forward randomly as I suffered from chronic entry-failure.  I guess I
must have had trouble clearing my mid point or something like that.
Anyway, I had one man collecting dust on the bar, and all my other men
were on my eight point or lower -- a priming setup, but not a speed
board.  While I was dancing, the opponent had made a five point board
missing the five point, and had scrambled all his checkers home except
one.  His lone straggler was on my nine point -- and he had a one left
to play.  He could shift a free checker in his inner board, or he could
move the straggler forward a pip.  He moved the blot forward.  I knew
what to do!  I correctly rolled double fives.  Whap!  He typed "nr".  I
responded, "dr".  "What does that mean?" he asked.  I typed, "Divine


Douglas Zare  writes:

Your "Indeed" was fine. I usually try to ignore it when my opponents say
"nr" or "vnr." I don't just think of it as a non sequitur; I think it is
often a rude comment suggesting that I win only through rolling well. If
you are sure that your opponent means to be at all abusive rather than just
making a silly comment, ignore them or boot them from the table and never
play them again.

If you tell your opponents that they have had really bad dice, that upsets
them some times, too. I usually save comments like the following for
players I know will appreciate them:

1) Why did you roll that?
2) Did you run over the Dice Fairy's pet?
3) Snowie-Trainer would have rolled 6-6. Equity lost: .435.
4) Another double shot missed! Are you even trying?
5) It's all in the wrist.

Greg Shackleford  writes:

I think more players could learn to be a lot more polite - after all - it
is only a game, what the hell do the ratings matter anyway - not like
there's money riding on it.

A perfect example of a friendly situation was a recent match I had with
Windy on FIBS. This was the 4th round of a small, free tournament. Through
totally flukey dice (namely loads of doubles) I backgammoned him on the
second game and won the 7ptr. He was really good about it - I tend to feel
guilty when FIBS serves up too many doubles like that, but what can you do
- computer dice huh!

Windy congratulated me on my win, and agreed that, whilst the doubles were
a fluke, it happens and ended by saying, 'good match, and good luck.'
Superb bloke. I've met too many who would drop over that situation - it's
happened against me, and I have never dropped (not even a bot, for
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