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Does Cybergammon cheat?

From:   Goto Informatique
Date:   2 August 1996

> Those who frequent Netgammon should beware that Cybergammon, the neural
> net computer opponent, is a cheater.  I played an 11 point match with the
> beast. He committed such absurd technical errors as leaving blots (in
> several instances) on his goal board while I still had men situated
> there. He must have left about 10-12 blots during that match and I only
> hit two or three of them.  In a couple instances he left two blots and I
> didn't hit any!  We're talking about blots 6 spaces away or less.  He got
> several "miracle throws per game, including entering three blots in with
> a double, an instance where he entered his man and hit one of my blots
> (7% chance at the time), and rolling multiple doubles in bear offs, among
> other instances.  He plays with terrible technical skills, but makes it
> up by effectively destroying my positions (he calls the dice) and giving
> me dice rolls which make it almost impossible to close off positions.
> There was an instance when I was bearing off, and only a 6-1 would force
> me to leave a blot and (as they say in "voila!" he got the
> roll.
> Of course, human bias may have a role when accusing a computer of
> cheating, but when a computer keeps getting rolls "that accomplish two
> great things at a time" (so to speak), surely something crazy must be
> going on.

This the kind of words I can't let without a reply!  I fell particulary
insulted by this message. Do you react like that each time you loose a
game?  Don't you know that luck is a part of backgammon?

Your message involve that you think that I am a cheater!  That I've
programmed this software with the idea to cheat!

I know that Cybergammon has weakness (especially during the end of the
game) but as Peter already answer:  Do you think that Cybergammon could
be rated only 1540 if he cheats?  And what can be the aim of making
something like that?

I am really upset by people who are not good enough in backgammon to be
able to see when they are lucky and remember only the games they lose
because their opponent was lucky.  I can understand that you are not glad
if you loose a game, but you know:  Some people are better than you, and
some has more luck than you in a game.  Do you think they all cheat?

I close the argument and I don't want to ask you any apologizes.  Anyway
I hope you have fun playing on our server!

Xavier Dufaure de Citres
Cybergammon & Netgammon develloper
System Operator on IBS
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