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December 1997

Dec 24   Fun and frustration--Choking under pressure  (Kevin Bastian)
Dec 24   Match Play--Delayed mandatory double  (Donald Kahn)
Dec 23   Ratings--Ratings and rankings  (Chuck Bower)
Dec 22   Rollouts--Cubeless vs centered-cube rollouts  (Ron Karr)
Dec 20   Puzzles--All-time best roll  (Kit Woolsey)
Dec 19   Etiquette--How long to wait?  (Marsha Wisniski)
Dec 18   Theory--Under-doubling dice  (Bill Taylor)
Dec 18   Rollouts--Settlement limit in races  (Alexander Nitschke)
Dec 18   Match Play--Doubling when you're an underdog  (Stein Kulseth)
Dec 16   Rollouts--Settlement limit  (Kit Woolsey)
Dec 15   Cube Handling in Races--N-roll vs n-roll bearoff  (Chuck Bower)
Dec 13   Strategy--Checker play--Saving gammon  (Ron Karr)
Dec 12   Miscellaneous--Handicapping--Pass or pick a roll  (Michael J. Zehr)
Dec 08   Match Play--Doubling when opponent is 2-away  (David Montgomery)
Dec 05   Books--Bell: Winning with the Doubling Cube  (Robert Scibelli)
Dec 05   Rules--Jacoby rule  (Daniel Murphy)
Dec 04   Cube Handling--With the Jacoby rule  (Gary Wong)

November 1997

Nov 27   Cube Handling--References  (Chuck Bower)
Nov 25   Ratings--Ratings and rankings  (Jim Wallace)
Nov 16   Play Sites--MSN Gaming Zone--Overall experience  (Mark Ferrante)
Nov 13   Strategy--Checker play--Pay now or pay later?  (Stuart Katz, MD)
Nov 11   Equipment--Checkers  (Chuck Bower)
Nov 10   Rules--U.S. backgammon tournament rules  (Butch Meese)
Nov 10   Books--Bell: Winning with the Doubling Cube  (Kevin Bastian)
Nov 09   Fun and frustration--Ten commandments of backgammon  (Morten Wang)
Nov 06   Tournaments--What is a "side pool"?  (Daniel Murphy)
Nov 05   Learning--The backgammon cake  (Daniel Murphy)
Nov 04   Tournaments--Types of events  (Daniel Murphy)

October 1997

Oct 26   Magazines & E-zines--Inside Backgammon  (Chuck Bower)
Oct 21   Match Play--4-away/4-away: take/drop point  (Gary Wong)
Oct 17   Opening Rolls--Rollouts of opening 21 and replies  (Alexander Nitschke)
Oct 14   Books--Kansil: The Backgammon Quiz Book--Five problems  (Chuck Bower)
Oct 07   History--Origin of backgammon  (Greycat Sharpclaw)
Oct 02   Variations--Roll-over  (Edward D. Collins)

September 1997

Sep 28   Source Code--GamesGrid .CBG viewer in flex  (Gary Wong)
Sep 24   Opening Rolls--Opening 62: Could running be best?  (Gary Wong)
Sep 23   Opening Rolls--Rollouts: Jellyfish 3.0  (Midas)
Sep 21   Match Play--3-away/4-away: what's the correct equity?  (Tom Keith)
Sep 14   Luck versus Skill--Is backgammon gambling?  (Kevin D. McLeaster)
Sep 11   Opening Rolls--Splitting versus slotting  (Daniel Murphy)
Sep 04   Learning--Using Jellyfish tutor  (Stephen Hubbard)
Sep 03   Terminology--International phrase dictionary  (David Allen Sorensen)

August 1997

Aug 29   Books--Becker: Backgammon for Blood  (Michael Fuhrmann)
Aug 20   Rollouts--Level-5 versus level-6 rollouts  (Chuck Bower)
Aug 18   Miscellaneous--What is backgammon?  (David C. Oshel)
Aug 15   Theory--Undefined equity  (Paul Tanenbaum)
Aug 14   Books--Magriel: Backgammon  (David Montgomery)
Aug 13   Ratings--Ratings variation  (FLMaster39)
Aug 13   Terminology--"Suicide play"  (Brian Sheppard)
Aug 10   Fun and frustration--Backgammon by mail  (MelRae)
Aug 06   Play Sites--FIBS--Financial support  (Kit Woolsey)

July 1997

Jul 29   Books--Becker: Backgammon for Blood  (Daniel Murphy)
Jul 26   Jellyfish--Showdown in Texas  (Chuck Bower)
Jul 25   Variations--Tavli (Portes, Plakoto, and Fevga)  (Jens Larsen)
Jul 21   Cheating--Taking advantage of computer players  (Matthew J. Reklaitis)
Jul 18   Strategy--Checker play--Blitzing strategy  (Michael J. Zehr)
Jul 18   Books--Kansil: The Backgammon Quiz Book  (Daniel Murphy)
Jul 15   Strategy--Backgames--How many men back?  (Brian Sheppard)
Jul 12   Strategy--Checker play--Blitzing strategy  (Fredrik Dahl)
Jul 10   Match Archives--Database software  (Achim Müller)
Jul 09   Opening Rolls--Opening 64: Three choices  (Brian Sheppard)
Jul 08   Opening Rolls--Opening 53: Magriel's recommendation  (George Parker)
Jul 08   Cube Handling in Races--Bower's modified Thorp count  (Chuck Bower)
Jul 07   Terminology--"Wash"  (Brian Sheppard)
Jul 03   Programming--Adjusting to a weaker opponent  (Brian Sheppard)

June 1997

Jun 27   Fun and frustration--Simborg's laws of backgammon  (NYCGuy)
Jun 23   Etiquette--Am I too slow?  (Daniel Murphy)
Jun 22   Etiquette--Etiquette for online play  (Dean Ayer)
Jun 17   Theory--Number of distinct positions  (Walter Trice)
Jun 17   Variations--Greek backgammon  (Alexandros Chatzipetros)
Jun 11   Programming--Variance reduction of rollouts  (Jim Williams)
Jun 06   Computer Dice--Does Jellyfish cheat?  (Fredrik Dahl)
Jun 05   Software--Java: Chouette calculator  (Gamer Cafe Software)
Jun 01   Software--Windows: Jellyfish 3.0 (player, analyzer)  (Fredrik Dahl)

May 1997

May 30   Puzzles--Most checkers on the bar  (Tommy K.)
May 28   Play Sites--GamesGrid--Comparison to FIBS  (Ken Arnold)
May 19   Cube Handling--Too good to double  (Michael J. Zehr)
May 19   Strategy--Backgames--Which anchor to break  (Brian Sheppard)
May 16   Books--Heinrich & Woolsey: New Ideas in Backgammon  (David Montgomery)
May 07   Opening Rolls--Opening 62: Split, run, or slot?  (Chuck Bower)
May 02   Match Play--7-away/11-away: volatile recube decision  (Kit Woolsey)
May 01   Play Sites--Richard's Play-by-E-mail Server  (Richard Rognlie)
May 01   Learning--Matchqiz and Jellyfish  (Gilles Baudrillard)

April 1997

Apr 29   Jellyfish--Review of JF Player 3.0  (Geoff Oliver)
Apr 23   Variations--Mexican  (Tom Henry)
Apr 19   Variations--Nuclear backgammon  (Walt Swan)
Apr 07   Cube Handling--Liveliness of the cube  (Kit Woolsey)
Apr 07   Strategy--Backgames--After an early blitz attempt  (Daniel Murphy)
Apr 05   Computer Dice--FIBS: Analysis of 10 million rolls  (Stephen Turner)
Apr 03   Computer Dice--FIBS: Entering from the bar  (Tom Keith)

March 1997

Mar 26   Puzzles--Not-so-greedy bearoff  (Kit Woolsey)
Mar 21   Probability and Statistics--How many games to decide who's better?  (Stephen Turner)
Mar 20   Play Sites--Playsite--Announcement  (Seth Tapper)
Mar 19   Match Play--Crawford rule  (Kit Woolsey)
Mar 18   Strategy--Checker play--Pay now or pay later?  (Stephen Turner)
Mar 06   Strategy--Checker play--Estimating in volatile situations  (Kit Woolsey)
Mar 06   Cube Handling in Races--Near end of game  (Daniel Murphy)
Mar 05   Terminology--Turkish names for rolls  (Lars Soezueer)
Mar 04   Variations--One roll lookahead  (Stephen Turner)

February 1997

Feb 28   Variations--Tavla  (ucc02cx)
Feb 26   Software--Mac: Play-O-Matic (game replayer)  (Paul Ferguson)
Feb 26   Programming--Board encoding for neural network  (Brian Sheppard)
Feb 25   Match Play--3-away/4-away: opponent's recube  (William C. Bitting)
Feb 22   Cube Handling in Races--Near end of game  (David Montgomery)
Feb 22   Cube Handling in Races--Near end of game  (Ron Karr)
Feb 21   Terminology--"Squeeze", "trap play"  (Philippe Michel)
Feb 21   Strategy--Checker play--Trap play problem  (Brian Sheppard)
Feb 21   Programming--Ideas on computer players  (Brian Sheppard)
Feb 19   Jellyfish--Backgame play  (Brian Sheppard)
Feb 19   Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon--JF rollouts  (Alexander Nitschke)
Feb 13   Computer Dice--Does TD-Gammon cheat?  (Gerry Tesauro)
Feb 05   Chouettes--Extras  (Daniel Murphy)

January 1997

Jan 31   Chouettes--When does player retain the box?  (Daniel Murphy)
Jan 23   Cube Handling in Races--Thorp count  (Chuck Bower)
Jan 21   Strategy--Backgames--Which anchors are best?  (Chuck Bower)
Jan 17   Pip Counting--Symmetry method, Grouping men  (Brian Sheppard)
Jan 07   Propositions--Choose roll vs. double roll  (Larry Deckel)
Jan 05   Cube Handling--Too good to double--Janowski's formula  (Chuck Bower)
Jan 04   Variations--Acey-deucy  (Lee)
Jan 04   Variations--Duplicate backgammon  (Dean Gay)
Jan 04   Variations--Misere, Chase, Skewed dice  (Stein Kulseth)
Jan 03   Opening Rolls--Opening 65: Computer rankings  (Chuck Bower)
Jan 03   Variations--Trigammon  (James Eibisch)
Jan 02   Variations--Low number first, fixed dice, others.  (Walter Trice)
Jan 02   Variations--Sudden death, Woodpecker, Gerhardsen  (Fredrik Dahl)

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