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December 1998

Dec 30   Puzzles--Least shots on a blot within direct range  (Raymond Kershaw)
Dec 25   Terminology--"Equity"  (Gary Wong)
Dec 22   Ratings--Unbounded rating theorem  (David desJardins)
Dec 21   Terminology--"Holding game"  (Alan Webb)
Dec 19   Ratings--No limit to ratings  (David desJardins)
Dec 14   Strategy--Backgames--Play for a backgame from the start?  (Alan Webb)
Dec 12   Puzzles--Trivia question  (Walter Trice)
Dec 08   Snowie--Questions and answers  (David Montgomery)
Dec 07   Etiquette--Dealing with droppers  (Bill Hill)
Dec 06   Play Sites--MSN Gaming Zone--Thoughts  (Gregg Cattanach)
Dec 02   Tournaments--Seeding  (Roland Scheicher)
Dec 02   Tournaments--Calcutta auctions  (Roland Scheicher)
Dec 02   Equipment--Board design  (Michael Poche)
Dec 02   Tournaments--Compensating for byes  (Hank Youngerman)
Dec 01   Books--Cooke: Paradoxes and Probabilities  (Donald Kahn)
Dec 01   Ratings--Constructing a ratings system  (Matti Rinta-Nikkola)
Dec 01   Programming--Variance reduction in races  (David Montgomery)

November 1998

Nov 28   Equipment--Bakelite checkers  (Albert Steg)
Nov 21   Tournaments--Skill level  (Kirk J. Rupnik)
Nov 09   Rulings--Doubling to wrong value  (Stein Kulseth)
Nov 01   Etiquette--When to quit  (Albert Steg)

October 1998

Oct 26   Match Play--Matches to a set number of games  (Tom Keith)
Oct 22   Opening Rolls--Average advantage of winning opening roll  (Chuck Bower)
Oct 21   Ratings--Different length matches  (Jim Williams)
Oct 21   Match Play--5-away/11-away: redouble to 8  (Gavin Anderson)
Oct 20   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Double immediately?  (Chuck Bower)
Oct 20   Ratings--Emperical analysis  (Gary Wong)
Oct 14   Snowie--Using rollouts  (Michael J. Zehr)
Oct 11   Cube Handling--Volatility  (Chuck Bower)
Oct 11   Tournaments--Swiss format  (Osman Guner)
Oct 10   Ratings--Possible adjustments  (Christopher Yep)
Oct 09   Puzzles--Replace the missing checkers  (Gary Wong)
Oct 07   Programming--What is a "neural net"?  (Gary Wong)
Oct 05   Source Code--Move generator  (Gary Wong)
Oct 02   Probability and Statistics--How often is too often?  (Gary Wong)

September 1998

Sep 30   Probability and Statistics--Clumping of random numbers  (Gary Wong)
Sep 23   Books--Heinrich & Woolsey: New Ideas in Backgammon  (Craig E. Groeschel)
Sep 22   Books--Heyken & Fischer: The Backgammon Handbook  (Martin Fischer)
Sep 21   Snowie--Terminology  (Alexander Nitschke)
Sep 20   Rules--Rolling on wrong side of board  (Kit Woolsey)
Sep 19   Software--Java: BG-Blitz (player, analyzer)  (Frank Berger)
Sep 14   Strategy--Checker play--Pay now or play later?  (Hank Youngerman)
Sep 12   Chouettes--Money management  (Albert Steg)
Sep 09   Chouettes--Strategy  (Michael J. Zehr)
Sep 04   Cube Handling in Races--Kleinman count  (André Nicoulin)
Sep 04   Computer Dice--Does Snowie cheat?  (André Nicoulin)
Sep 02   Terminology--"Joker"  (Richard Divdesman)

August 1998

Aug 31   History--Books on the history of backgammon  (Albert Steg)
Aug 27   Programming--Building and training a neural-net player  (Brian Sheppard)
Aug 26   Books--Steed: Backgammon: The Meanest Game  (Albert Steg)
Aug 25   Miscellaneous--General tips  (Hank Youngerman)
Aug 24   Programming--Variance reduction of rollouts  (Michael J. Zehr)
Aug 24   Ratings--Converting to points-per-game  (David Montgomery)
Aug 23   Books--Bell: Winning with the Doubling Cube  (Peter Bell)
Aug 20   Match Equities--ME Table: Snowie  (Harald Retter)
Aug 19   Books--Cooke & Bradshaw: Backgammon--The Cruelest Game  (Chuck Bower)
Aug 18   Books--Robertie: Backgammon for Winners  (Carl Tait)
Aug 15   Snowie--Hints and questions  (Achim Müller)
Aug 12   Luck versus Skill--The Bower Luck-O-Meter  (Gary Wong)
Aug 01   Miscellaneous--Handicapping  (flash)

July 1998

Jul 29   Theory--Drop rate on initial doubles  (Gary Wong)
Jul 22   Computer Dice--Jellyfish: Proof it doesn't cheat  (Gary Wong)
Jul 21   Fun and frustration--Losing streaks  (Jim Peplow)
Jul 21   Learning--Advancing beyond intermediate  (James Eibisch)
Jul 15   Strategy--Checker play--Containment positions  (Brian Sheppard)
Jul 06   Learning--Three steps to better play  (David Montgomery)
Jul 04   Variations--Freeze-out match  (Dave Brotherton)
Jul 02   Theory--Optimal strategy?  (Gary Wong)

June 1998

Jun 30   Theory--Solvability of backgammon  (Gary Wong)
Jun 26   Programming--Anticomputer positions  (Bill Taylor)
Jun 26   Match Archives--Big Brother file viewer  (Vince Mounts)
Jun 24   Computer Dice--Official complaint form  (Gary Wong)
Jun 21   Play Sites--Best value  (Kenny Lee Smith)
Jun 21   Software--Windows: Monte Carlo (player)  (Gamer Cafe Software)
Jun 21   Rollouts--Duplicate dice  (David Montgomery)
Jun 17   Computer Dice--Does David's Backgammon cheat?  (Joseph B. Calderone)
Jun 17   Variations--Acey-deucy  (Steve Ewert)
Jun 15   Terminology--"Volatility"  (Michael J. Zehr)
Jun 12   Rollouts--Level-5 versus level-6 rollouts  (Michael J. Zehr)
Jun 02   Programming--Backgames  (David Montgomery)
Jun 01   Computer Dice--Does MonteCarlo cheat?  (Matt Reklaitis)

May 1998

May 30   Snowie--Snowie vs. Jellyfish  (Kenneth M. Arnold)
May 30   Books--Bray: Backgammon--An Independent View  (Chris Bray)
May 27   Computer Dice--Jellyfish: How to check the dice  (John Goodwin)
May 25   Jellyfish--Doubling at 2-away, 2-away  (Michael Bo Hansen)
May 19   Jellyfish--Bearoff database bug  (Vince Mounts)
May 18   Equipment--Boards--Hardwood Creations  (Ben Fairbank)
May 11   Match Play--Crawford rule  (Chuck Bower)
May 10   Variations--Trictrac  (David Levy)
May 06   Ratings--Different length matches  (Tom Keith)
May 04   Terminology--"Dance"  (William R. Tallmadge)

April 1998

Apr 29   Theory--Derivation of drop points  (Michael J. Zehr)
Apr 28   Strategy--Backgames--Which anchors are best?  (Jerry Weaver)
Apr 26   Rules--Rolling on wrong side of board  (Bob Hoey)
Apr 25   Pip Counting--Counting half rolls  (Bob Hoey)
Apr 25   Pip Counting--Running pip count  (Rodrigo Andrade)
Apr 20   Rulings--Touching the doubling cube  (Chuck Bower)
Apr 16   Pip Counting--Opposing sums and differences  (Donald Kahn)
Apr 09   Snowie--Announcement  (Olivier Egger)
Apr 08   Ratings--Opponent's strength  (William Hill)
Apr 06   Rulings--Crawford game double  (Claes Thornberg)
Apr 02   Rollouts--Settlement limit  (Michael J. Zehr)

March 1998

Mar 29 mini-FAQ  (Daniel Murphy)
Mar 25   Play Sites--GamesGrid--Update  (Ken Arnold)
Mar 25   Cube Handling in Races--Kleinman count  (Chuck Bower)
Mar 25   Strategy--Checker play--Bearing off with contact  (Daniel Murphy)
Mar 19   Play Sites--Yahoo Games  (Steve Fiete)
Mar 15   Tournaments--Swiss format  (Hank Youngerman)
Mar 10   Computer Dice--Winning and losing streaks  (Daniel Murphy)
Mar 09   Software--Windows: Backgammon-To-Lose  (Gamer Cafe Software)
Mar 07   Jellyfish--JF tackles New Ideas in Backgammon  (Nigel Gibbions)
Mar 03   Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Counterexample?  (Jim Williams)
Mar 02   Magazines & E-zines--Essential Backgammon  (Dan Frank)

February 1998

Feb 27   Cube Handling--Endgame close out: Michael's 432 rule  (Michael Bo Hansen)
Feb 24   Cube Handling in Races--One checker model  (Kit Woolsey)
Feb 23   Book Suggestions--Buyer's guide  (Chuck Bower)
Feb 23   Cube Handling in Races--Doubling in a long race  (Brian Sheppard)
Feb 22   Equipment--Precision dice  (Larry Strommen)
Feb 22   Equipment--Dice cups  (Leo Bueno)
Feb 19   Equipment--Precision dice  (Chuck Bower)
Feb 19   Books--Mabardi & Luce: Vanity Fair's Backgammon to Win  (Paul Tanenbaum)
Feb 15   Rules--Changing dice  (Julian Hayward)
Feb 13   Fun and frustration--Translation fun  (James Eibisch)
Feb 11   Books--Bell: Winning with the Doubling Cube  (Jacques Torrione)
Feb 10   Match Play--When to free drop  (Kit Woolsey)
Feb 06   Books--Tremaine: Amazing Book of Backgammon  (Jim Wallace)
Feb 04   Ratings--Effect of droppers on ratings  (Gary Wong)
Feb 04   Rulings--Playing to wrong match length  (Steve Mellen)
Feb 02   Rules--Rolling too soon  (Stephen Turner)
Feb 01   Books--Heyken & Fischer: The Backgammon Handbook  (Marina Smith)

January 1998

Jan 31   Equipment--Board design  (Albert Steg)
Jan 20   Book Suggestions--How to read backgammon books  (Gary Wong)
Jan 20   Books--Clay: Backgammon Winning Strategies  (Gary Wong)
Jan 20   Match Play--Going for gammon when opp has free drop  (Kit Woolsey)
Jan 19   Miscellaneous--Calculation versus instinct  (Kit Woolsey)
Jan 19   Book Suggestions--Survey of some available books  (William Hill)
Jan 18   Puzzles--All-time worst roll  (Michael J. Zehr)
Jan 15   Match Play--When to free drop  (Chuck Bower)
Jan 14   Miscellaneous--Checker play versus cube play  (David Montgomery)
Jan 14   Jellyfish--Strengths and weaknesses  (Daniel Murphy)
Jan 14   Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon  (James Eibisch)
Jan 13   Opening Rolls--Opening 64: Make the two point?  (William Hill)
Jan 13   Software--Windows: Cybergammon (player)  (John S Mamoun)
Jan 11   Fun and frustration--"Good roll!"  (jfk)
Jan 08   History--The name "backgammon"  (Marina Smith)
Jan 04   Luck versus Skill--How much of backgammon is luck?  (Wai Mun Yoon)
Jan 02   Software--Windows: Database interface  (Hugh Sconyers)

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