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December 2004

Dec 31   Luck versus Skill--Recognizing luck  (Walter Trice)
Dec 31   Match Play--When to free drop  (Gregg Cattanach)
Dec 29   Terminology--"Golden point"  (Daniel Murphy)
Dec 29   Variations--Acey-deucy  (J. Nagel)
Dec 28   Books--Magriel: Backgammon--2004 Edition  (Tom Keith)
Dec 11   Books--Brooks: Backgammon's Best Openings and Replies  (Chuck Bower)
Dec 07   Play Sites--Play65/GammonEmpire  (Daniel Murphy)

November 2004

Nov 26   Play Sites--Gammon Empire--Announcement  (Jerry)
Nov 25   Fun and frustration--Danish Championship semifinal match  (Daniel Murphy)
Nov 20   GNU Backgammon--Even-ply/odd-ply effect  (Raccoon)
Nov 19   Fun and frustration--Don't come looking for sympathy ...  (Ian Shaw)
Nov 18   Tournaments--Vegas trip report (fall 2004)  (Gregg Cattanach)
Nov 18   GNU Backgammon--Filter settings  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)
Nov 17   Variations--Tavla  (Arda Findikoglu)
Nov 17   Books--Bagai: Classic Backgammon Revisited #100  (Raccoon)
Nov 03   Books--Robertie: Advanced Backgammon--Errata  (Matt Senecal)
Nov 03   GNU Backgammon--Python scripting  (Øystein Johansen)

October 2004

Oct 20   GNU Backgammon--Logging rollouts  (Øystein Johansen)
Oct 13   Miscellaneous--Checker play versus cube play  (Gregg Cattanach)
Oct 08   Snowie--Running in low priority  (lmfback)
Oct 06   GNU Backgammon--Which player is player 0?  (Neil Kazaross)

September 2004

Sep 29   Books--Cooke: Paradoxes and Probabilities  (Neil Kazaross)
Sep 29   Books--Cooke & Orléan: Championship Backgammon  (Marty Storer)
Sep 20   Play Sites--GameDesire  (Maciej Mróz)
Sep 16   Terminology--"Banana split"  (Adam Stocks)
Sep 13   Terminology--"Wash"  (Hardy Hübener)
Sep 13   Variations--Fevga  (George)
Sep 13   Variations--Portes  (George)

August 2004

Aug 31   Rules--Rolling on wrong side of board  (Ian Shaw)
Aug 27   Match Equities--ME Table: Dunstan  (Ian Dunstan)
Aug 10   Etiquette--Under resigning  (Bob Newell)

July 2004

Jul 29   Fun and frustration--Backgammon haikus  (Phil Simborg)
Jul 27   Variations--Misere (backgammon to lose)  (Jason Lee)
Jul 16   Rules--Legal roll  (Sture Lifh)
Jul 15   Equipment--Suppliers--Backgammon boards  (CKT)
Jul 12   Terminology--"Latto paradox"  (Jean-Pierre Seiman)
Jul 12   Chouettes--Lure of the chouette  (Bob Koca)
Jul 09   Miscellaneous--Money management  (Gnoh Mon)
Jul 09   Equipment--Dice  (Gregg Cattanach)
Jul 08   Play Sites--DailyGammon  (Dan Wittkopp)
Jul 05   Match Equities--On calculating match equity tables  (Neil Kazaross)
Jul 03   Match Play--Post-crawford/2-away: too good to double  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)

June 2004

Jun 30   Match Play--2-away/4-away: Neil's rule of 80  (Neil Kazaross)
Jun 26   Cube Handling in Races--Value of a pip  (Tom Keith)
Jun 26   Terminology--"Speed board"  (Gregg Cattanach)
Jun 25   Terminology--"Root number"  (Ken Bame)
Jun 23   GNU Backgammon--Batch analysis tool  (Øystein Johansen)
Jun 21   Cube Handling in Races--Pip-count formulas  (Tom Keith)
Jun 21   Computer Dice--MSN Zone: Security flaw  (happyjuggler0)
Jun 09   GNU Backgammon--Rollout settings for the impatient  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)
Jun 08   Puzzles--Worst possible checker play  (Gregg Cattanach)
Jun 08   Rulings--Crawford game double  (Øystein Johansen)
Jun 07   Puzzles--Worst possible opening move  (Gregg Cattanach)

May 2004

May 27   Books--Storer: Backgammon Praxis  (Marty Storer)
May 21   Learning--Getting better than "awful"  (Morph)
May 17   Puzzles--Highest possible gammon rate  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)
May 16   Ratings--MSN Zone ratings flaw  (Hank Youngerman)
May 14   Ratings--Fastest way to improve your rating  (Backgammon Man)
May 12   Variations--No hit  (RedTop)
May 11   Rules--"Illegal moves" rule  (Chuck Bower)
May 10   Rulings--Crawford game double  (Joe)
May 07   Rulings--Disagreement on final cube  (Chuck Bower)
May 02   Magazines & E-zines--GammOnLine  (sevenout)

April 2004

Apr 29   GNU Backgammon--Setting skill level  (Jim Segrave)
Apr 27   GNU Backgammon--Running rollouts in background  (Bruce)
Apr 27   Equipment--How much to spend on a board?  (Ian Shaw)
Apr 26   Play Sites--Games4Dollars  (Info Team)
Apr 19   Terminology--Alphabet soup  (Tom Keith)
Apr 15   GNU Backgammon--Restarting a rollout with different settings  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)
Apr 15   Etiquette--Am I too slow?  (sevenout)
Apr 15   Opening Rolls--Rollouts: Snowie 4.1  (Rene Cerutti)
Apr 06   Strategy--Checker play--Play versus a novice  (Courtney S Foster)
Apr 05   Ratings--On different sites  (Bob Newell)
Apr 05   Computer Dice--The dice sure seem unfair!  (Michael Sullivan)
Apr 04   Play Sites--DailyGammon  (Scott Steiner)
Apr 01   Fun and frustration--Backgammon hustler  (Socks)

March 2004

Mar 31   Variations--Cancelgammon  (Ilia Guzei)
Mar 28   Match Equities--ME Table: Zadeh  (Jørn Thyssen)
Mar 27   Strategy--Checker play--Breaking anchor  (abc)
Mar 27   Etiquette--Why I never complain about the dice  (Phil Simborg)
Mar 25   Terminology--"Bot"  (Pit Bull)
Mar 23   Theory--Number of no-contact positions  (Darse Billings)
Mar 18   Learning--Practice and preparation  (Ian Shaw)
Mar 18   Books--Magriel: Backgammon  (Baldo)
Mar 17   Variations--Bad advice  (Jason Lee)
Mar 16   Computer Dice--Does Motif cheat?  (Rick Kiesau)
Mar 16   GNU Backgammon--Rollout settings  (Robert-Jan Veldhuizen)
Mar 12   Rulings--Disputed roll  (Roland Scheicher)
Mar 11   Tournaments--Clocks--Losing on time  (Jason Lee)
Mar 09   Books--Wiggins: Boards, Blots, and Double Shots  (Ned Cross)
Mar 04   Rulings--Misplaced cube  (Ned Cross)
Mar 04   GNU Backgammon--Cache size  (Ned Cross)
Mar 03   GNU Backgammon--Quasi-random dice in rollouts  (Ian Shaw)
Mar 01   Rulings--Incorrect setup  (Ken)

February 2004

Feb 29   Match Play--Post-crawford doubling  (Scott Steiner)
Feb 26   Programming--Search in Trees with Chance Nodes  (Thomas Hauk)
Feb 24   Books--Woolsey & Jones: Understanding Backgammon  (Jon Nall)
Feb 23   Opening Rolls--Opening 43: In GOL online match  (Raccoon)
Feb 20   Books--Woolsey: The Backgammon Encyclopedia Vol 1  (Dean Gay)
Feb 17   Miscellaneous--Handicapping--Rerolling 5-4  (Mary Hickey)
Feb 14   Probability and Statistics--Average luck of each roll  (Jørn Thyssen)
Feb 14   Match Play--Leading 2-away with good gammon chances  (Douglas Zare)
Feb 09   Terminology--"Gammon-go" (GG) and "gammon-save" (GS)  (Mary Hickey)
Feb 09   Probability and Statistics--Chance of rolling x or more pips in y rolls  (Tom Keith)
Feb 05   Rulings--Equipment changes  (Jason Lee)
Feb 04   Equipment--Board design  (Chuck Bower)

January 2004

Jan 29   Terminology--"Back game"  (Marty Storer)
Jan 28   Variations--Hit man  (Matt Reklaitis)
Jan 24   Tournaments--Clocks--Pros and cons  (Michael Strato)
Jan 16   Miscellaneous--Position cards  (Francois Hochede)
Jan 14   Equipment--Boards--Dal Negro  (Erin)
Jan 11   Programming--How to count plies?  (Chuck Bower)
Jan 06   Puzzles--Worst symmetric bearoff of 8 checkers  (Gregg Cattanach)
Jan 04   Terminology--"Gammon-go" (GG)   (Chuck Bower)
Jan 02   Books--Lortz: Double ... now: An Authentic Cube Remedy  (Chuck Bower)
Jan 02   Cube Handling in Races--Effective pipcount and type of position  (Douglas Zare)

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