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From:   Tom Keith
Address:   tom@bkgm.com
Date:   19 April 2004
Subject:   Longer list
Forum:   GammOnLine

[Updated May 2010 with suggestions from Timothy Chow, Ray Kershaw, and
Daniel Murphy.]


ABT     American Backgammon Tour
ATS     at the score/according to the score
BG      backgammon
BGO     BGOnline.org
BIBA    British Isles Backgammon Association
BK      Burger King, where Whoppers are sold
BO      bear off
BOA     bearoff analyzer
BYOB    bring your own board
CF      cubeful
CI      confidence interval
CJC     Carol Joy Cole
CL      cubeless
CO      crossover
CP      cash point
CPW     cubeless probability of winning
CR      Crawford
D/D     double/drop
D/P     double/pass
D/T     double/take
DB      database
DBgF    Dansk Backgammon Forbund (Danish Backgammon Federation)
DG      DailyGammon
DMP     double match point
DP      drop point
EMG     equivalent to money game
Elo     Arpad Elo, inventor of the chess rating formula
EPC     effective pipcount
EQ      equity
ER      error rate (Snowie)
FIBS    First Internet Backgammon Server
FRAM    "You can pay me now or you can pay me later."
G       gammon
GG      GamesGrid
GG      gammon-go
GG      good game
GL      good luck
GL2U2   good luck to you too
GM      good match
GNUBG   Gnu Backgammon
GOL     GammOnLine
GP      gammon price
GR      gammon rate
GS      gammon-save
GU      GammonU.com
GV      GammonVillage
GWC     game winning chances
JF      Jellyfish
JSD     joint standard deviation
KC      Kleinman count
MC      Monte Carlo
MEC     match equity calculator
MEQ     match equity
MET     match equity table
MFIC    Patrick Gibson
MWC     match winning chances
NBGF    Norges Backgammonforbund
NC      nice cube
ND      no double
NEBC    New England Backgammon Club
NG      Nackgammon
NM      nice move
NN      neural network
NR      nice roll
OLM     online match
OPM     one-point match
OTB     over the board
PBEM    play by email
PC      pip count
PC      post-Crawford
POH     point on head
PPG     points per game
PR      performance rating (eXtreme Gammon)
PRAT    position, race, and threats
QF      quiz factor
RGB     rec.games.backgammon
RNG     random number generator
RO      rollout
RD/P    redouble/pass
RD/T    redouble/take
SBGF    Svenska backgammonförbundet
SD      standard deviation
SGF     Smart Game Format
SW      Snowie
SWAG    Scientific Wild-Ass Guess
TCTC    too close to call
TD      tournament director
TG      too good
TMG     TrueMoneyGames
TMP     too many points (on a board)
TMP     total match points (experience points) in a rating list
TP      take point
USBGF   United States Backgammon Federation
UTG     under the gun
VOG     Vinco Online Games
VR      variance reduction
WBF     World Backgammon Federation
WC      world class
WBGT    World Backgammon Tour
X-22    Paul Magriel
XG      eXtreme Gammon
XGR+    eXtreme Gammon's XG Roller+ setting


AFAIK   as far as I know
AFAICT  as far as I can tell
ASAP    as soon as possible
BBS     bulletin board system
BRB     be right back
BTW     by the way
CWOT    complete waste of time
FAQ     frequently asked question
FTF     face to face
FWIW    for what it's worth
FYI     for your information
GMTA    great minds think alike
GUI     graphical user interface
HTH     hope that helps
IAE     in any event
IIRC    if I recall correctly
IMHO    in my humble opinion
IMO     in my opinion
IOW     in other words
IRL     in real life
IYKWIM  if you know what I mean
LMAO    laughing my ass off
LOL     laughing out loud
NM      no message
NP      no problem
NT      no text
OMG     oh my god
OT      off topic
OTOH    on the other hand
POV     point of view
PTB     powers that be
ROFL    rolling on the floor laughing
RTFM    read the manual
TBC     to be continued
TIA     thanks in advance
TIC     tongue in cheek
TY      thank you
TYVM    thank you very much
WRT     with respect to
WYSIWYG what you see is what you get
YMMV    your mileage may vary
YW      you're welcome
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