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Question marks in game list

From:   Jim Segrave
Date:   8 July 2005
Subject:   Re: gnu question

> When I select "analyze game" from the menu, I see question marks or ?!
> whenever gnu doesn't like what it sees on my column of the game score.

In the game list, there can be two sets of markings for mistaken
play. The first set, closest to the actual play, is for chequer play
errors, after those, separated by at least one space, are the marks
for cube handling errors.

'?!' - a doubtful move
'?'  - a bad move
'??" - a very bad move (a blunder)

If one of the above appears immediately after the chequer play, with
no intervening space character, then the indicator is for a chequer
play error. If the sequence appears with a space before it, then it's
a cube error.  A summary matrix, assume the dice were 31 and the move
was 6/5 8/5:
CHEQUER     no error    doubtful       bad           very bad
--------    ---------   ------------   -----------   ------------
no error    6/5 8/5     6/5 8/5 !?     6/5 8/5 ?     6/5 8/5 ??
doubtful    6/5 8/5!?   6/5 8/5!?!?    6/5 8/5!? ?   6/5 8/5!? ??
bad         6/5 8/5?    6/5 8/5? !?    6/5 8/5? ?    6/5 8/5? ??
very bad    6/5 8/5??   6/5 8/5???!?   6/5 8/5?? ?   6/5 8/5????

For example:

      jim_segrave               Brunello
    1 44: 24/186(2)?        31: bar/24 1815??

In this game both players made chequer play mistakes -- I made a bad
error (one '?', my opponent made a very bad error '??')

    2 21: 13/10* ?!         53: bar/20 8/5

On the next move, I made a doubtful ('?!' cube decision -- I should have
doubled. Note the space before the '?!' - that indicates that there
was no problem with my chequer play

    3. 21: 6/5*/3?!?!       63:

Here I made a doubtful chequer play and a doubtful cube error - once
again I didn't double and should have

If you step through the game list using the arrows with the '?'
inlaid, you will move from one reported error to the next and the
analysis window will show you the cube error if there was one or the
chequer error if that was the only error (you start with the cube
error if there are both in the same move)

The use of italics and bold face indicate very lucky and very unlucky
dice rolls. I believe bold is very lucky and italic is very unlucky

Jim Segrave           (
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