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FIBS vs. GamesGrid ratings

From:   Raccoon
Address:   racgammon@yahoo.com
Date:   4 March 2006
Subject:   FIBS ratings en briefe
Forum:   GammOnLine

Saturday March 4, 2006

FIBS Rating List

Rated players:    6618

Highest rating:   2284
Top 10% rating:   1742
Top 25% rating:   1627
Median rating:    1516
Lowest rating:     -19

Gamesgrid Rating List

Rated players:    1569
Highest rating:   2346
Top 10% rating:   1795
Top 25% rating:   1718
Median rating:    1621
Lowest rating:     948

Chuck Bower  writes:

If I were Gamesgrid I'd feel funny about the 1615 median. Isn't '1500'
the universal norm, even regardless of the actual game?

Rob Adams  writes:

Gamesgrid has some other features that lead to a higher median rating.

(1) They have regular tournaments ... several a week ... where lower
rated players can win and have their ratings reset to 1500. For most
this is a small boost, for others a huge one. And there is no
corresponding loss of course.

(2) Sometimes they add people in NOT at 1500, but at somewhat higher
depending on real-life strength or their performance on other servers.
Like if you (Chuck) wanted to start at a 1700 gamesgrid rating for
instance, I bet you could email them and they'd agree. And, of course,
they don't add people in at a rating below 1500 (that I'm aware of).

Raccoon  writes:

> Isn't '1500' the universal norm, even regardless of the actual game?

I believe it's nearly universal among backgammon sites/organizations.
DBgF uses a 1000 start rating. I've a vague recollection that one site
used a 1600 start rate.

Site       Players   Highest     10%     25%     50%    Lowest

FIBS         6618      2284     1742    1627    1516      -19
DailyGammon  4473      2217     1776    1575    1449      644
Gamesgrid    1569      2346     1795    1718    1621      948
DBgF          797      1784     1654    1595    1524     1266
SBgF          224      1784     1631    1574    1517     1319
BIBA          113      2011     1815    1717    1604     1248
NBgF          127      1828     1744    1669    1538     1058
Gammonitis     90      1754     1651    1588    1502     1156


March 4-6, 2006
DBgF: starting rating is 1000, so 500 points have been added.
BIBA: active members only
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