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Windows: MVP Backgammon (player)

From:   Michael Quinn
Date:   15 February 96
Subject:   Re: New Backgammon Game for Windows
Google:   3122FB88@parodius

I have uploaded the file to It should move
from /incoming to /pub/ibmpc/win3/apps/games/ Real Soon
Now(TM). It's BIG! 2.9MBytes! I suggest you try one of the sites below
unless you are in Europe.

MVP _are_ on the Web; they have a pretty trumpet and they like to blow
it... Direct from the archive and the WWW page:

You're in for a treat when you try this fantastic implementation of the
classic board game. Simulating the setting of a medieval pub, the
graphics, music and digitized speech perfectly complement the
intermediate skill level in this fully-playable shareware version. The
registered version features the "Fiona" backdrop neural net position
evaluator. This is without a doubt the best computer backgammon game
ever. Req Windows, VGA, mouse; a sound card is recommended.

       MVP is Now on the Internet and the World Wide Web!

You can get all of the latest MVP shareware releases, find out news
of future activities, and give feedback to MVP on the Internet.  To
visit our new home page, just set your WWW browser to this URL:


While there, you can see descriptions of all our releases, download
the shareware versions with a click of your mouse button, and check
out full color screen shots for all of our games.  Be sure to leave
feedback telling us how you like our page!

If you prefer using direct ftp to get our files, you can find them
at the following sites:


These sites also have many mirrors, so just look for a game site
with an MVP directory, and you'll be assured of getting the best
games around!

When you register you will receive MVP Backgammon Deluxe for Windows,
which includes all of the following additional features:

   * 3 skill levels, including the tough expert "fiona" neural net
     system, plus a beginner level.
   * Single game and tournament match play.
   * 3 different board and stone graphics styles.
   * 3 different screen sizes for full-screen graphics in 640x480,
     800x600, and 1024x768 modes.
   * Lots more music and sound effects, including lots of cool
     digitized speech not in this shareware version.
   * Printed manual with tips and hints from the author.

MVP Backgammon Deluxe for Windows is just $19.95 plus shipping.  So
order today!  Registered users receive a special offer on other MVP

To order, call 800-968-9684 toll-free 24 hours a day.  Please have
your Master Card or Visa ready when you call.  Or fill out the order
form in this manual and fax it to: 616-245-3204.

Sorry for the advertising, but I've had a raft of enquiries - too many to
send e-mail to.

Good Dice and may your rating always be lower than mine :-)

Mike Quinn NEC Technologies (UK) Ltd. +44 (0)1734 654606

Midpoints come and go, but a five-prime is forever. Kit Woolsey, r.g.b
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