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Java: BG-Blitz (player, analyzer)

From:   Frank Berger
Date:   19 September 1998
Subject:   new version of BG-Blitz is out!
Google:   01bde3db$a56d7940$021010c1@no5

Dear Backgammon enthusiasts,

A new version of BG-Blitz is out!   (
new features:
- extract your matches from the Fibs-logfiles
- easy-installation and comfortable launcher-scripts
- slow and fast replay modes
- some more features in the position-database
- as usual some bugfixes ;-)

You don't know what BG-Blitz is? Read on.

BG-Blitz is a Software intended as the Swiss-Army Knife for Backgammon.
Current Blades are:

- Replay of Matches from Databases. Prebuilt is a Database with all
  BigBrother matches and all Jellyfish vs. mloner games. This are about
  2,300 matches and more than 9000 single games! Naturally you could
  create databases of your own and import matches from FIBS, GamesGrid,
  Jellyfish and PBEM, you can comment every move, and you can build
  queries for certain games.

- Replay of Matches in FIBS, GamesGrid and PBEM format from text files.

- Analyze Cube strategy in match game. It answers when to double, match
  winning probabilities and much more.

- Databases for single positions. You could create your own or use
  prebuilt databases. Currently there is a database with all positions
  from Dwek:"Backgammon for Profit" and complete rollouts from Jellyfish
  3.01. There will other follow and I hope that many people contribute
  with their own high-quality databases. I will make them available on
  this site.

- full support for the Jellyfish-Matchfile format. You could replay your
  games comfortably in BG-Blitz and annotate them. You could import your
  own matches in a Database and can export every game from a database and
  analyze it by Jellyfish.

- convert between FIBS-oldmove, PBEM, Jellyfish, GamesGrid and BG-Blitz

- additional position-database available. All positions from former
  Tim Holland's book: "Better Backgammon" rolled out 5184 times!


Look at "". A Java-version of Bgblitz
is now there for your download. I think it's worth to have a look! And it
has an unbeatable price, just one email with name and city :-)

Have fun!

If anyone with Java - programming skills likes to spend endless hours on a
project, he/she may contact me. Backgammon players which like to setup
position for
position from a book, are also invited.

Frank Berger
frankb   @ Fibs
frankb33 @ PBEM

Frank Berger  writes:

[April 2002]

Although the Website isn't 100% ready, the version 1.0 of BGBlitz is
ready, and the address has changed to You'll
find match-databases with more than 3000 matches and
Position-databases with several hundred Positions.


Frank Berger  writes:

[June 2005]

It has been quite a long time since the last release. I needed far
longer than I expected (should have been ready in December!), but the
cubeful match equities were quite difficult to understand and there is
very few information about it available and this little is not free of
errors or complete.

Further I was a little delayed because I was asked to make BGBlitz the
AI behind a BG-server, so now and use
BGBlitz to evaluate interrupted games :))

And I'm working on another BG related project, which you will see the
later this year (I hope...)

Well what's new in this release?

- Finally! BGBlitz uses cubeful equities in match play too. This
improves the   cube play in matches considerably.

- The evaluation in matchplay, especially at double match point was

- Improved cubeful equities in money games.

- BGBlitz got configurable random number generators (RNG). With a
network  connection you could even have *real* random numbers from  Additionally the state of the RNG is displayed during
the game in the  upper right half of the status bar, so you can control
the numbers always and you can even look at the *future rolls*. I wrote
some additional explanations on the "Does it Cheat?" page.  Will this
stop the "BGBlitz  is cheating" mails? ;)

- A Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" compatible version is included. This version
is about 30% faster than the "Panther" version.

- A Turkish translation is included. Thanks to Özgür Albayrak

- There is a new graphics artist supporting BGBlitz! Russ Taber brought
us  a "fishy" board, with different sounds.  Michael Darooge
contributed an excellent board with transparent checkers.  (Both need
Java 1.2 or higher, so they don't work with Mac OS 9). Further I wrote
a little documentation: "How to create your own theme".   So if you
ever wanted to create your own theme, this should give you the
necessary informations.

- The "Select Theme" dialog box now shows previews of the themes.

- BGBlitz now resigns in hopeless situations.

- Shortcuts for "Quit Game" (^G) and "Concede Game" (Shift-^G) were

- The "Best Moves" dialog box shows the actual equity difference to the
best move

- I fixed two difficult to find bugs, that happened only under rare
circumstances.  Many thanks to all people sending error reports to me,
especially to Rainer Schmid  who gave the decisive hint. Some minor
errors has been fixed too.

- A bunch of small improvements in functionality and usability are
included in this release too.

- I planned to raise the requirements to (at least) Java 1.3 with the
release 2.0 and   support Mac OS 9 with release 1.9.4. Unfortunately I
ran in some bugs of the MRJ.  I spent nearly a week to find some
workarounds but it was in vain. So the release 1.9.0 is the last
release with works with Java 1.1.8.

Many thanks to Özgür Albayrak, Alex Cumbers, Michael Darooge, Linc
Davis, Peter Grotrian, Tom Hipschman, Jan van't Hull, Radu-Dan Sabau,
Christian Schmid, Rainer Schmid, Michael Stein, Russ Taber and to all
people providing error reports, made suggestions or helped in any other
way to improve BGBlitz.

You could download BGBlitz at

All the best

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