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Woolsey's law

From:   Kit Woolsey
Date:   21 September 1996
Subject:   Re: To double, or not to double...

Peter Bell wrote:
> First, if you're not sure whether this is a take or drop, you should
> double, by Woolsey's Rule.  If a double was "objectively" correct, you are
> fine.  If a double was "objectively" incorrect, you still may gain if your
> opponent drops.  You only lose if the double was incorrect and your
> opponent takes.  (One caveat: be careful with Woolsey's Rule if you are
> quite uncertain about a position and you are playing a better player.
> Otherwise, use it religiously.)  Note that double-take is quite often the
> correct cube action: there's generally no need to beat yourself up if your
> opponent takes.  Also, you should be very happy if you think it's a drop
> and your opponent takes, as in this position!

I do not agree that the quality of the opponent should make a
difference.  It is perhaps more important to follow the rule if you are
playing a better player.  Failure to do so is likely to lead to missed
doubling opportunities.

For those of you who aren't familiar with my rule, it is as follows:  If
you aren't ABSOLUTELY sure whether the position is a take or a pass, then
it is ALWAYS correct to double.  I'm not kidding!  I follow this rule
religiously in actual play, and any player who does likewise will see his
results improve tremendously.

Note that the converse is not necessarily true -- you may be absolutely
sure it is a take and yet it is still correct to double, provided it is a
very volatile position.

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