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From:   Sean Dakin
Date:   10 August 1999
Subject:   Annotating matches in tournament
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Can I as a player in a live tournament request that my match is not
recorded in any form?

Sean Dakin

David Montgomery  writes:

You can bar kibitzers, so you can stop recording done by a third

However, in some cases part of a tournament's attraction is having
late round matches broadcast on closed circuit tv and commented on
by experts.  These broadcasts are taped and may be sold by the
organizers.  I very much doubt that Tournament Directors who have
gone to the expense and trouble of setting this up would let you
bow out.

An interesting question is what a director should do if one of the
players is recording his own match, while playing, and his opponent
objects.  Of course if this recording at all threatens to delay
the tournament, it should be stopped.  But I can often play and
record my match faster than other players play.  In this case, I
would side with the player recording, because I believe that it
is in the best interest of the game that matches be recorded,
published, and studied.  Certainly if play were with a clock I
would allow a player to record his own match -- any delay caused
by this would only hurt the recording player.

Chuck Bower  writes:

I'm amazed that someone could record his/her own match and not
have it result in at least occasional delays.  However, if you imagine
that the match were clocked, then maybe it's really the TOTAL time taken
which is the important thing.

     Since it is extremely unusual for a player to record his/her own
match (I've never seen it and prior to David's post had only heard of it
occurring once), then I feel if a player sincerely (in the judgement of
the director) feels that his/her opponent's recording of the match is
distracting, then the director could/should rule that such recording
cease for this match.

     As far as earlier questions about third party recording, this is
stickier.  In the case of 'televised' finals, presumably that was
advertised in the tournament brochure/entry form.  Since a player was
informed and had the chance to not enter prior to having paid his/her
entry, then s/he has no argument--play under the conditions (televising/
recording) or forfeit the match.

     I'm pretty sure that there are some players who object to having
their matches recorded by anyone.  This could be because they don't
want their mistakes advertised, or maybe they don't want their secrets/
tendencies studied.  I'm also fairly sure that the current feeling
among the US tournament officials is that a player has the right to ban
recordings of his/her matches (with the possible exception of the above
'televising' situation).

     I do think David's "for the good of the game" contention is worth
considering.  Whether the present climate is amenable to such an argument
is not so clear.

Chuck Bower  writes:

> Why are you fairly sure, Chuck, "that the current feeling among the
> US tournament officials is that a player as the right to ban
> recordings of his/her matches (with the possible exception of the
> above 'televising' situation" ?  If that's true, does that "current
> feeling" apply to all matches? The final match? Semifinals? Money
> rounds?

    My feeling is based on a conversation with a director.

    In the past I have queried a handful of US directors when questions
came up on the newsgroup about rulings.  I recommend that to Daniel or
anyone else.  I have had good responses from the following:  Carol Joy
Cole, Bill Davis, Butch Meese, Kent Goulding, and Patrick Gibson.  All
of their e-mails can easily be found on the internet by a resourceful
researcher, I believe.  And there are a lot of other directors (including
many on other continents) who can be surveyed.  I suggest that anyone who
is strongly concerned about this issue should put some time into asking
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