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Aug 2012       Cube Handling in Races--What's your favorite formula?
Jul 2012       Rulings--Cocked dice
May 2012       Tournaments--Rules for doubles play (with a partner)
Jan 2012       Learning--Study method
Sep 2011   Variations--Nackgammon Shuffle
Aug 2011       Learning--How to excel in backgammon
Jun 2011       Terminology--"Kamikaze play"
Apr 2011   Strategy--Checker play--When in doubt
Feb 2011       Rules--Illegal plays that can't be condoned
Feb 2011       Learning--Committing to memory
Jan 2011   Strategy--Bearing Off--Greedy bearoff exception
Jan 2011       Cube Handling in Races--EPC example
Jan 2011       Rulings--Moving with two hands
Jan 2011   Tournaments--Clocks--Why use them
Jan 2011       Opening Rolls--Nactation--Why use it?
Jan 2011       Learning--How to improve cube handling
Oct 2010       Cube Handling--Endgame closeout: win percentages
Jul 2010   Equipment--Meyer Dice Tube issues
Jul 2010   Tournaments--Clocks and older players
Jun 2010       Opening Rolls--Nactation
Apr 2010       Strategy--Checker play--How to trap an anchor
Jan 2010       Match Play--Tips to improve cube handling
Oct 2009       Etiquette--Listening to music while playing
Oct 2009       Match Play--Match play 101
Oct 2009   Tournaments--Factors that affect attendance
Oct 2009       Terminology--"MCV"
Sep 2009       Chouettes--Dream chouette
Jun 2009       Variations--SassanGammon
Feb 2009       Tournaments--Hedging
Aug 2008       Tournaments--Making notes during play
Mar 2008       Cube Handling--Woolsey's law
Jan 2008   Books--Corbett: Backgammon Problems
Dec 2007   Rulings--Error in setup
Dec 2007   Rulings--Taking photos of positions
Oct 2007   Rollouts--Standard error and JSD
Oct 2007       Rulings--Repositioning dice without notice
Oct 2007       Rulings--Opening roll loser picks up his die
Jul 2007       Learning--Best way for a beginner to learn
Jun 2007       Probability and Statistics--Counting shots
May 2007   Learning--Most efficient way to learn
Mar 2007   Match Play--1-away/1-away: advice from Stick
May 2006       Opening Rolls--Magriel's Chapter 5
Apr 2006   Match Archives--Where to get matches to download
Mar 2006   Opening Rolls--Opening 21: Rollout
Feb 2006   Opening Rolls--Opening 32: Rollout
Feb 2006   Opening Rolls--Opening 51: Rollout
Feb 2006       Play Sites--Friendly play site
Feb 2006       Match Play at 2-away/2-away--Do you need an advantage to cube?
Jan 2006   Opening Rolls--Opening 43: Pros and cons
Nov 2005   Miscellaneous--Copying positions from books
Nov 2005   GNU Backgammon--Rollout settings

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