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From:   Ian Dunstan
Address:   none
Date:   24 February 2006
Subject:   Friendly backgammon server?
Forum:   GammOnLine

Which is the friendliest BG server at present? I'm not particularly
interested in making/losing much money, low stake matches vs strong
opponents would suit me just fine. I.e. I don't mind losing a bit if I'm
doing so to someone who isn't cheating me and I can potentially learn
something along the way.

I presently don't play online because (1) I can do without the hassle of
being accused of using Snowie if I take more than 10 secs for a move and
(2) I've heard too many stories of people who don't cheat themselves
getting cheated. E.g. Snowie use, opponents dropping out their
connection in lost games, etc.

I suppose a nice graphical interface is moderately important, as is
actually getting "service" from your server. So what's best out there at
present, IYO?

Rob Adams  writes:

I played some friendly matches against Peter Grotrian over on clubgames
recently for small stakes. And it's like Cheers ... everybody knows your

For no money, Jordan Lampe's server is good.

Ken Bame  writes:

I like GamesGrid the best. I do believe that some people there use bots
for their moves but I just do not play against those people for money.

Important issues for me:

1. Strong competition.
2. Input my games into GNU and try to learn from my mistakes
3. You can get a game when you want.
4. Most of the people are pleasant.
5. If people do drop out of a game, the game results will be calculated.


Neil Kazaross  writes:

Gammonsite, where I play is very friendly. Arlene Austin (Pittsburgh
Advanced winner) handles the money aspect of it if you want to play for
small money. Most of the players there aren't terribly strong and many
are low intermediates, but there are a few rather strong players. You
won't be cheated and people are very friendly and chatty and there are
lots of timed tourneys and a also weekly leagues where you can play for
a few bucks.

Stick  writes:

Believe it or not I can get decent opponents sometimes on Yahoo. The
thing is I've been playing on there for over 10 years, so I have the
'rating' to play those who are higher rated. (Trust me though, just
because they're rated high doesn't mean they have one clue what they're
doing, it's a crapshoot usually. Yahoo ratings are too easily
manipulated, esp. in the past.)

But, it is an option, it's free, it allows you to play as often as you
like and you're positive the other person isn't using a bot. I'd meet
some ppl on there and play if anyone is ever interested. I know it's not
really the same if you're not playing for something, just have to
convince yourself it is ...
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