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What are the chances?

From:   Pete
Date:   6 March 2003
Subject:   gnubg's wrist

Don't mean to cast ANY aspersions upon the rolling talents of any
robotic entities, but to lose this race against gnubg is downright

    Move number 60: X to play 42

      GNU Backgammon  Position ID: v20DIADbLAAAAA
                      Match ID   : QQlqAUAAAAAA
      +13-14-15-16-17-18------19-20-21-22-23-24-+     O: gnubg (Cube: 2)
      |                  |   |    O  O  O  O  O |     4 points
      |                  |   |    O  O  O  O  O |
      |                  |   |                O |
      |                  |   |                O |
      |                  |   |                6 |
     v|                  |BAR|                  |     11 point match
      |                  |   |                  | X
      |                  |   |                  | X
      |                  |   |                  | X
      |                  |   |    X     X  X  X | X   Rolled 42
      |          O       |   | X  X     X  X  X | XX  0 points
      +12-11-10--9--8--7-------6--5--4--3--2--1-+     X: user
    Pip counts: O 50, X 28

    Rolled 42:*    6/off

After I bore a man off, gnubg rolled: 66, 11, 22, 51, and 44.
Nothing serious...

Gregg Cattanach  writes:

That is a pretty remarkable parlay.  The race is so hopeless that even with
a rollout Snowie shows it as 100% wins for X, so you must be WAY more than
1000 to 1 to win this one.

Of course, it didn't cheat, but it is a pretty good bad beat story :)


Douglas Zare  writes:

I think it is about 2000-1 after the 4-2, and perhaps slightly more
unlikely before the 4-2. An immediate 6-6 would give 0.5% winning chances,
an immediate 5-5 would give 0.4%, and an immediate 4-4 would give 0.2%, and
these add up to about one chance in 3200. I think the other ways to win add
up to at least half as much.

On FIBS, I won a match against Costello in which I needed to roll 3 working
sets while it failed to roll any double twice. I calculated the chance at
about 3000 to 1, but that wasn't too surprising, since my experience level
on FIBS was greater.

A less likely event from real life: In a side event at the Boston Open, my
opponent and I rolled the same number 8 times to try to start the game. The
chance of that happening for any particular game is about 1 in 1.7 million,
and I certainly haven't played that many games. Of course, that was neither
lucky nor unlucky.

Something to keep in mind with bad-luck stories from real life is that
there is a good chance that they get garbled and exaggerated. A player
complained that I had rolled 5 doubles in a row after only 4 of my last 5
rolls were doubles. Since it is about 20 times as likely to be able to make
that mistake, if you think there is one chance in 10 that a player would
make that mistake then 2/3 of the stories you hear would be wrong.

If anyone thinks that they have found a pattern in the Mersenne twister
rng, please test it carefully, and then let everyone know, rather than the

Douglas Zare
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Fun and frustration

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