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Characters we all know

From:   Alan Webb
Date:   2 February 1999
Subject:   Characters we all know and love/hate ;)
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I thought it was about time for a little bit of light relief on this

Here are some of my observations regarding after game comments. I find
excuses and after game comments quite amusing at times ... here's a
collection of some which most of you will probably recognise :)

Adding your own observations is encouraged and welcome :)


****                *****************

IfOnly              "If only I had run with my rear checker..."

IfOnly2             "If only I'd rolled a six..."

IfOnly3             "If only YOU hadn't rolled a six..."

Back2Bed            "Its not my day today.. Im going back to bed..."

Luke                "YOU ARE SOOOOO LUCKYYYYY!"

Luke2               "I am sooo UNLUCKY!"

Hmmmmmm             "Hmmmm, something very unrandom about these rolls..."

Hmmmmm2             "Hmmmm, I'm going to analyse double distribution on
                    this server..."

Hmmmmm3             "Hmmmm, You know that sysop very well don't you?"

EasyGoing           "Oh well thats backgammon, maybe next time"
                    (very rare :))

A_Busive            "You F'ing -beep- -beep- and I hope -beep- s***
                    -beep-.. " (Normally a vain effort to make YOU abandon
                    as they are losing)

NextTime            "I'll get you next time. Just you wait ... you've seen
                    nothing yet....."

ImGruff             ""  (doesnt say a word and just logs off ... very
                    common) :)

Now for the Winners


****                *****************

2Good2BTrue         "EXCELLENT GAME XXXXX I got very lucky there.."
                    (Almost as rare as EasyGoing above ;) )

Smart_Arse          "GG. By the way.. you lost due to that 4-3 earlier
                    which in fact has a negative equity of -0.433234.
                    Preferable was.."

DoubleKing          "What on EARTH possessed you to take that double!!.."

Nexxxxtt            "GG. Bye" (To be translated as "Boy that was an awful
                    game, bring on the next puhleaseee!")

Im_Da_Man           "Welll, it could have been worse. I decided to spare
                    you a gammon loss at the end there.."

Im_Da_Man2          "Normally you see, I don't entertain people of your
                    rating. 1800+ money only games is more my scene

Im_Da_Man3          "Well its been fun, but I need to find some
                    competition now. Keep at it, byeeeeee"

GoneFishing         "VGG! You're really much better than your rating
                    suggests! Fancy a 21 pointer? ;)

Gonefishing2        "Wow! How I won that I'll never know! I've got all
                    night, how about you?" ;)

Shucks              "Ahhh geeee, I really shouldn't have won that ya
                    know. Those doubles and all......." (very, very
                    irritating :))

A_Pologetic         "Im reallly, realllyyy sorry. The dice were good to
                    me thats all. Please dont get upset.. You're not upset
                    are you?" (AGGGHHH ;))

Any names I've missed folks? :)

Well I hope the above brought a smile between the "50%+3 -5 -0.43333
equity" postings ;)

Kind regards

Alan Webb
(AlanWebb on GG)


I forgot one actually.. this only happened last week and I promise is
true. Apparently I'm -and I quote word for word- "A really nasty piece of
work and extremely rude!!"

This was the reaction of a player, when I passed over a well timed cube on
a RATED 5 point match :) I should note that I hadn't said a word before.

I tried to explain that doubling is part of the game but she wouldnt have
it ;)

Anyone else got any amusing stories?
Did you find the information in this article useful?          

Do you have any comments you'd like to add?     


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