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From:   Stanley E. Richards
Date:   20 June 2006
Subject:   Handling a Losing Streak
Forum:   GammOnLine

In March and April, I suffered a statistically unlikely losing streak. I
had been winning every month for almost a year. All of a sudden, novices
and beginners were routinely beating me. According to Snowie match
expectancy percentage, I should have been easily winning. I suspect that
most bg players and all gamblers experience these periods. What actions
do you take in response to an unlucky losing streak?


Chase  writes:

The key, for me, is in my approach. I discovered a while back that my
goal should never be to win, since this is something I can't directly
control. The proper goal for me is to make the best decision I can on
each and every turn. I imagine I'm not playing Backgammon at all, but a
game I call Perfection, in which I see how few errors I can make, and
how low I can get my error rate. Perfection is a game over which I have
total control, and one I can "win" no matter what the dice do or the
outcome of the game.

Marty Storer  writes:

You were probably playing worse than usual during the streak. If you got
frustrated as the streak went on, your play probably deteriorated. Every
time I've had an extended losing streak with match records to look at
post hoc, I've found I played worse than usual. My solution is not to
"try harder" or worry about it, just to relax and think about each
position as a fresh one.

GaryO  writes:

Go on a winning streak! :)

Seriously, when in the midst of a losing streak just grin and bear it.
Lower the stakes until you feel your luck turning around if possible.
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