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Opening 63: Middle Eastern split?

From:   Mark
Date:   1 April 2002
Subject:   Re: 6 3 opener
Google:   a8b86h$9am$

I'm going to cement my status as an novice here.  How foolish
is this move with an opening 6 3?

24/18 24/21

I usually get hit, but only on one blot. Often, when I get hit,
my opponent leaves a blot. I can often hit that when I'm
coming off the bar, and now I have the pip advantage, as I
entered from where I started, but my opponent is starting
back in my home board.

If my opponent roll doubles, or I cannot re-enter with a funky
2nd. roll, I'm in trouble, but with very little defense to
stop me this early in the game, I usually take an advantage.



Ryan Long  writes:

I think this is called the 'middle Eastern split,' or something to that
effect.  It used to be popular.

Your opponent wants to hit you on the 21.  He doesn't want to hit you on
the 24.  You've already moved one of your back checkers out to the 18,
and you've got good coverage on that point from the 24 should your
opponent hit you loose.  Why not do something else good for your
position rather than moving the other back checker?  If you move 13/10,
you've got a new builder on offense.

I'm no expert, but that's why I don't play the move you've described.

Daniel Hollis  writes:

First, I want to point out that only 55 and 35 miss, so it's almost
always that you get hit.  And you will get hit twice a lot more than
you think.  I love it when my oppoent does this, because a double hit
is so powerful.  Count the number of rolls that miss hitting twice.  I
get 32, 34, 35, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55.  That's 21/36 double hits.

A big problem with getting hit is that you allow your opponent to slot
a key point.  And if he hits back on your 4 point, then it's only a
single shot from the bar; other inner board hits are ususally shots
from the bar+24 point.

Once your opponent attacks one of these men, then the second man
becomes a piece of cheese, still sitting on a point your opponent
would like.  If you missed your return shot, that's awful.  Your
opponent is moving his checkers into attack position, and meanwhile
you're stuck on his 4 or bar point.  You can alternatively spend the
first 4 dice of your game throwing your back checkers into your
opponent's outfield.  Either choice stinks.
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