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Opening 63: Slot the four point?

From:   Dennis Cartwright
Date:   31 March 2002
Subject:   6 3 opener

What do you folks think of playing an opening 6 3 by slotting 13-4,
it slots a valuable point, it only leaves one blot, and it doesn't commit
you to a running game, but I never see anyone but me do it.


Chase  writes:

This play is quite a bit worse than 24/18 13/10 or even 24/15. The
reason is that it costs so much when the checker is hit (almost 40% of
the time). Getting hit costs you 30 pips in the race--the 9 you
started with, plus 21 more--and robs you of half your next roll. So
unless you enter with doubles, you're now way behind in the race, and
you're behind two rolls in development. That's not much to show after
winning the advantage of the opening roll. And even when it works it
doesn't always work. When the blot is missed, you fail to cover it 25%
of the time--double jeopardy.


Walter Trice  writes:

The main flaw in the idea is that you are slotting with a checker that
might otherwise have had a productive future in your outfield. The more
common opening slots pull a man off the 6 onto a point that it was already
destined for.

Other objections are more 'typical': the usual objections to slotting
(possible loss in the race, loss of tempo), the fact that there is a nice
alternative (24/18, 13/10) that does two good things instead of just one,
the importance of activating the back men in the opening...

13/4 was never popular (though it has been played by lots of people,
including me) but 13/5 with an opening 6-2 used to be almost standard (and
for a while Bill Robertie was even playing 13/5 with 5-3.) The reasons why
all the top players gradually turned against it are basically the same as
the things I don't like about 13/4 with 6-3.

-- Walter Trice

Ryan Long  writes:

13/4 does have the advantages you mention.  But:

1. It leaves a direct shot on a point your opponent wants.

2. It slots the 4 with the wrong checker.  Use the checkers on the 13 to
build outer board points first.  Using it immediately on the inner board
leaves you with less builders for your outer board.  This isn't always
true (5-5 exception), but i think it's true when you're talking about
slotting on your opening roll.

3. When you get hit, you have literally nothing left to show for your
opener.  You haven't split, you haven't brought down any builders.

4. When the opponent hits you, unless you roll 4-4 or 2-2 (2/36) there are
no good rolls that hit him back; hitting him leaves yet another direct
shot.  This is not the case when you play 6-3 24/18 13/10; you have much
more appealing rolls to hit him back from that position.
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