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From:   Chuck Bower
Date:   22 October 1998
Subject:   Re: Who goes first in Matches
Google:   70oddo$113$

Laury Chizlett  <> wrote:

> ... What is the edge gained by going first? ie the
> equity of a player, after winning the opening throw - whatever this
> throw is, but before moving. Is it just the arithmetic mean of all the
> equities of the best plays of the 15 possible opening throws? Is this a
> question!?

     I will answer you questions in REVERSE order.  Yes, this is a question.
(In fact, it is a GOOD quesiton.)  Yes, it is the weighted mean.
("Weighting" is needed if you include doublets since a specified doublet
happens half as often as a specified singlet.  But if you don't allow
doublets, then there are 15 singlets, all of which are equally likely, so
you just add up their worth and divide by 15.)

     Now, back to the question you REALLY wanted the answer for:  how much
of an edge does the opening roller have.  In cubeless equity units (no
cube, but gammons count twice and backgammons thrice) it is worth 0.038.
Playing that form of BG (no cube, but counting gammons...) the opening
roller wins 51.2% of all games.

     These numbers come from Jellyfish rollouts of REPLIES to opening rolls.
I have chosen only results where JF is forced to make the correct reply to
the correct opening where "correct" means JF rollouts give the highest
equity result to that play.  The standard deviations on the above numbers
are about 0.001 on the cubeless equity and 0.02% on the winning chances.
(These are only statistical uncertainties.  They don't account for the fact
that JF level-6 may be misplaying one side more than the other.)

     I have not done such an extensive study of games where doublets are
allowed by the opening roller, since this is not the form of backgammon
that I play.  However, I just did a quick (432 trial) JFv3.0 level-6
cubeless rollout and the results (with standard deviations in parentheses)
was that opening roller has a 0.071(0.015) edge in equity and wins 52.5%
(0.6%) of all games.  From this it looks like, if doublets are allowed, the
edge to the opening roller is doubled.  (Pun?)  Since doublets occur only
1/6 as often as singlets, you can see that they are considerably more
valuable at this VERY EARLY stage of the game (which qualitatively should
not come as much of a surprise).

     While visiting some Greek friends last summer I was told that in their
coffee-bar games, for a series of games the winner of the previous game is
(further) rewarded by being allowed to roll first.  You could also let the
loser of the previous game roll first, if you so desired.  (This would be
similar to basketball, and many other sports where the opponent of the side
which just made a goal receives possession of the ball.)

     The bottom line is that custom or tradition tends to dominate the
rules.  As long as both sides are playing under the same rules (and here I
include the assumption that both sides are AWARE of what rules they are
using) then there is no intrinsic advantage to one person or the other.

     It is unlikely that anyone is going to convince US tournament players
(or online server players) to alter the current rules even this much
(i.e. alternate opening roller).  But lest anyone think we "Westerners"
are particularly hard-headed, how likely would it be that you could walk
into a Greek (or Armenian or Arabic or....) backgammon gathering spot and
convince them to change their rules?

      c_ray on FIBS
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