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Splitting versus building

From:   Dave Slayton
Date:   8 August 2000
Subject:   so splitting is NOT evil!
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My impression from the old school of backgammon was that splitting
one's back men was viewed generally as poor tactics by Barclay Cooke
and others, cuz you would be leaving yourself open to being blitzed, etc.

But I noticed from all this discussion and the various resources I was able
to find containing volumes of rollout data on opening rolls, that the
modern "best" play for ALL opening rolls except for the 4 that make good
points immediately (5-3,4-2,3-1,6-1) involves splitting the back men, and
with the added exception of 6-5, they all involve moving a single back man
and a single man from the midpoint.

(I say "best" cuz what's really really best appears to still be
controversial on some rolls like 5-2, 5-4, 3-2, and 4-3, where there are a
couple of possible good plays that come out very close in the various
rollouts, but regardless of that, the splitting plays for each are about as
good or slightly better than the other viable plays.)

So I find this splitting-is-evil vs. splitting-is-wonderful disparity
between the "old school" and the "new school" really interesting.

Robert-Jan Veldhuizen  writes:

This is just speculating from my side, but I think it has something to
do with psychology.

Neural nets just count wins and losses; they don't care how the game
went.  Human beings however, will probably remember games differently.
It's not much fun splitting with a 2 and then getting blitzed, with
probably very few if any unforced moves left in the game.

If there's an audience that'll tell you that's why you should never
split with a two, just after you got gammoned for 4 points like that,
it's hard to convince them (and after a while, yourself!) otherwise.

Also, if you play 4-1 like 13/9 6/5 and don't get hit, you'll probably
have lots of interesting plays coming up and your position will look
good and 'professional' to any watchers. Even if you lose such a game,
you'll probably feel like you've played a pretty good game and your
opponent just got incredibly lucky with that shot in the bear-off.

If one or both blots get hit, you'll still be facing an interesting
game, probably a backgame where you can really show your skill (ahum)!
If you just happen to roll that 6-6 behind your opponent's prime later
on, completely ruining your timing and effectively losing you the game,
it's easy to convince yourself that was just very bad luck; watchers
might agree since they were hoping for some spectacular endgame
probably. The fact that 6-6 AND 5-5 would've ruined your backgame for at
least 12 moves in a row for instance, giving a total probability of this
"horror" sequence to happen 1-(17/18)^12 =~ 50% of the games actually,
is easily forgotten!
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