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Crawford rule

From:   Chuck Bower
Date:   11 May 1998
Subject:   Re: FIBS bug? - doubling in the Crawford game
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Patti Beadles <> wrote:
> I have heard two different interpretations of the Crawford rule, both
> of which I've seen implemented at various tournaments, neither of
> which is necessarily the One True Crawford Rule.
> The first is that the cube is dead during the Crawford game.
> The second is that the trailer may not double during the Crawford
> game.
> As you have noticed, FIBS implements the second.  If the leader
> accidentally doubles, though, the trailer is not allowed to redouble.
> So no, it's not a bug.  And it's definitely not (as someone suggested)
> a timing problem.

      There is a set of rules (which can be found on the Chicago Point
web page) titled "U.S. Backgammon Tournament Rules & Procedures, March
1990".  Rule 5.5 says:

    CRAWFORD RULE.  The 'Crawford Rule' will apply to all matches.
    When a player reaches match point (e.g., 8 points in a 9 point match),
    the doubling cube will be out of play for one game....

I don't believe I've played in a tournament this decade where these
rules were not used.  Unfortunately I've not gotten to nearly enough
tournaments, and only one West of the Mississippi in that time period.
Thus maybe there are tournaments on this continent where these rules
are not used.  I'm wondering what set of rules they use, though.  Europe
(and other places) may well use different rules.  Ditto the above wonder.

     I think this U.S BG rule clearly supports Patti's first listing of
interpretation.  FIBS was written by a European (Andreas Schneider if
my poor memory isn't failing me) so maybe he was using a different set
of rules.

     I can give another argument (though primarily historical).  From
"The Backgammon Book" by Oswald Jacoby and John R. Crawford (Viking
Press, 1970):

  At the Bahamas and Las Vegas tournaments (the early World Championships
  before being permanently moved to Monte Carlo in the late 70's)... John
  Crawford (co-author)... devised a rule providing that once a player gets
  within one point of victory, there can be no double in the first game
  after that; however, doubling would be allowed in the match from then on.

Note that the comments in parentheses in the above quote are mine.

     There is soon to be convened a committee to review (and modify,
if determined necessary) the 1990 U.S. BG Rules.  Butch Meese has
already asked for (and posted the resulting) recommendations for changes.
Although Butch has now passed on this info (and is no longer involved
in the review) I think (hope) that it is not too late to make further
suggestions.  I'm certainly going to try to get an audience myself.

   c_ray on FIBS
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