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Replacing cork on backgammon boards

From:   JP White
Date:   22 April 2003
Subject:   Cork replacement
Forum:   GammOnLine

> Where do you get the cork replacement for backgammon boards? I have two
> boards in need.

I got replacement cork inserts from Carol Joy Cole's Backgammon A La
She sells pre painted cork surfaces for 1 1/2" and 1 3/4" checkers in a
variety of color combinations. They are pretty inexpensive at $20 per set.
If that's not what you're after ask her anyway, she often knows where to
get something that she doesn't ordinarily stock. The only complaint I have
about these board inserts is that they have a thin cork veneer on a
cardboard backing, not 100% cork. However we have several boards at the
Nashville club that members have been renovated using's CJC's inserts and
they look great compared to the old beaten up surfaces they replaced.

If you go ahead and get some cork to renovate your boards I found that
tracing the points from the insert onto wax paper and cutting the wax
paper works well. If you mis measure or cut, you only waste wax paper.
Once I got it right I used the wax paper as a cutting guide and used a
rotary cutter and straight edge which makes for a clean straight cut.
Looks neat, which is why I want to get the finish right the first time.

> How easy did you find it to get the old cork out and the new cord in?

The old cork came up easily using a standard paint scraper, you just have
to scrape it out carefully, for me it would not come up in one piece.
Rather it came up in a 'curls' like you see hard butter curl when
scrapped with a knife.

I did damage the plywood in a couple of places with the corner of the
scraper, but plastic wood soon repaired that, going with the grain of the
ply is key to prevent damage to the wood. The fiddliest job was getting
the old glue off the side bumpers since you can't use much force.

I used an electric sander to remove remnants of glue and cork to get a
flat surface to glue the new inserts onto.

If the board is a deep board, gluing on top of the old surface would take
a lot less effort, but with shallow boards you can't afford that luxury.
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