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From:   Paul Vianna
Date:   1 February 2010
Subject:   Favorite board?
Forum:   bgonline

I realize it's totally subjective, but what type of board do you find most
pleasant to play on?

Chiva Tafazzoli  writes:

1. Bob Z 2. Romagnoli 3. fmgammon (like Taki but better surface and more
solid work - almost perfect) 4. Hector Saxe 5. Taki

Phil Simborg  writes:

> Is Zavoral still making boards?

Yes, Bob Z isn't advertising, and he isn't playing a lot of backgammon
these days, but he is making boards and every one is perfect and lasts for
years. I don't think there's a better board for the money, except, again,
if you prefer to go the heavy, wooden route.

If anyone is interested, you can reach Bob at

Stein Kulseth  writes:

I basically like any board that's not my tiny cheap one, but the most
pleasant have been the David Naylor leather boards, the checkers slide so
nicely, and because they are metal rimmed they give a very nice sound when
they touch.

It seems like it now is his son Genesis Naylor that have taken over the
business, but on their website it looks like the design is pretty much the
same, but with nicer color schemes.

Ian Shaw  writes:

I have to agree with Stein, here. Naylor boards are lovely to play on. The
chequers slide so nicely on the leather, and have a most satisfying heft to
them.  Heck, I'm happy to just sit and smell one!

Christian Munk-Christensen  writes:

The German Exclusive boards are the nicest I have ever seen. Though also
fairly pricy at 2k dollars.

Justin Nunez  writes:

If money is no option, Brahma gets my vote. No other surface gives better
dice action. The craftsmanship, and design, and durability, IMHO rival the
Taki (and I own one). I've heard new board construction resumes next month.

Gregg Cattanach  writes:

I've played on the Brahma boards, and though they are beautiful, the dice
action is far from ideal. The leather surface is too hard and the dice tend
to spin and pirouette on the corners far too often. Any hard-surfaced board
does this, and can be a considerable problem when playing a clocked match
as it can add 5 or more seconds to the the time it takes to roll the dice.
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