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From:   Andrew B.
Date:   16 January 2008
Subject:   Backgammon Dice

Is there a standard or regulation size for backgammon dice?

Also, any recommendations for places to buy precision backgammon dice?

Michael Petch  writes:

Always highly recommended is Carol Joy Cole company:

Gregg Cattanach  writes:

Yes, buy your dice from Carol.

The three sizes you'll see offered are 1/2", 9/16" and 5/8".  The 5/8"
are too big for most people and often won't come out cleanly from some
dice cups.  I like the smallest 1/2" ones because they roll and tumble
more times when going across the board than bigger ones.  But many
people like the 9/16" as they are a bit easier to see.

Gregg C.

Chris Ternel  writes:

And if you are this [European] side of the pond, the Backgammon Shop -

Chris Ternel,
Proprietor of the Backgammon Shop

Raccoon  writes:

Carol Joy Cole is frequently recommended in this newsgroup because
she's an active backgammon booster and very nice person who has been
delivering "top quality, fast service and fair prices" (as her website
says) for ... wow, 30 years this year!

She also publishes the Flint BackgammoNews magazine, runs the Flint
Area Backgammon Club, and directs the Michigan Annual Summer
Championships, one of the most popular tournaments in the USA.

For North American residents, especially, I know of no better source
for backgammon supplies than Carol's business. EU residents might
consider Chris Ternell's Backgammon Shop. Chris has also been in
business a long time. He co-founded the Danish Backgammon Federation
in 1987 and his Backgammon Shop soon after, and relocated to the UK in
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