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From:   Matthew Mueller
Date:   3 December 2000
Subject:   question about buying a board...


I am looking at buying a backgammon board, but am a little confused
about which one to buy.  I was wondering if someone could inform me of
the difference between an 'Attache' board and a regular board.  Maybe
they are the same, but I have seen some labeled as 'Attache' boards
and some not labeled as that at all.  Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,
Matthew Mueller

JP White  writes:

Attaché is short for 'Attaché Case' or 'Briefcase'.

It simply describes that the board comes in the form of an attaché
case. Most boards are of this style, so quite often the seller will
not describe it as 'attaché' even though technically it is.

Be sure you understand the size of the board you are buying. Sometimes
the seller will quote the full size folded out or they may mention the
size of the case folded in two (which understates the full size).

Hope this helps.


Mark Driver  writes:

Apart from the size of the board, another thing you should consider is
the material of the board. Many 'regular' boards are made of wood and
have a wooden playing surface. These type of playing surfaces tend to
be frowned upon for tournament play (even at the local club level) as
they are noisy to play on.  The 'attache' type boards tend to have a
playing surface made of  a material which is silent in use, such as
felt, cork, leather, rubber etc.

Other things you might want to consider are the 'slideability' of the
playing surface - cheaper boards with stiched vinyl points (the
triangles) have the tendency for the edges to rise up after prolonged
use, so hampering smooth movement of the checkers. If you are going to
travel with the board you might want to consider buying an 'attache'
board with locks.

Like anything, with backgammon boards you get what you pay for. You
pay for quality and for size. You can get a decent 'tournament' sized
board (approx 21") reasonably cheaply at a variety of places.
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