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From:   HGM
Date:   18 December 1999
Subject:   "The Best"

If you were giving someone the best leather (must be leather) folding
backgammon board where expense was NOT A CONCERN, who makes the ultimate
product? I see different name brands in the $600-$1000 and up range. Any
ideas???? Thanks

Art Grater  writes:

You have just described the boards at

Walter Trice  writes:

Bob Zavoral also makes excellent leather boards starting at the low end of
your price range, and does custom work. See .
You'll find other sources of equipment if you go to the Chicago Point site and click "gammon links."

I've owned one of Bob's boards for years. I've also played on a magnificent
wooden backgammon table that he made, with an inlaid leather surface.

Chuck Bower  writes:

If you're going to the trouble and expense of getting someone a really
nice board, I recommend getting a set with 1.75 inch (45 mm) checkers.
They may cost a little more, but they are more comfortable to use in
tournament situations, in my experience.  The web page which Art posted has
two sized checkers (40 mm and 45 mm).  I'm pretty sure all of Bob Zavoral's
boards (recommended by Walter) contain 1.75 inch checkers--the favored size
of US tournament players.

Naylor boards (the web page Art posted) come in two sizes:
    40 mm (1 9/16 in.) & 45 mm (1 3/4 in.)
Zavoral boards come in only one size (I think):
    1 3/4 in. (45 mm)

So, if a person decides to buy a Naylor board, go with the larger size.
If a person decides on a Zavoral board, you don't have to specify the
checker size (but don't forget the color  :).

Finally, I can imagine someone saying "does 5 mm really make a difference
in the checkers?"  Since good boards are properly proportioned, checker
size determines overall board size.  It's not specifically the checker size
that makes US tournament players prefer sets containing 45 mm checkers,
it's the overall dimensions of the board.  To me, it's a lot easier to get
a feel for the entire set size by knowing the checker size.  If you tell me
the board dimensions, I have to get out the calculator, divide by 12,
adjust for wall thickness, etc.  To someone who hasn't experienced
different sized sets, this probably is confusing.

And if you want more empirical evidence, watch the prices realized on
EBay.  Sets (of equal quality--e.g. both Crisloids) with 1.75 inch checkers
bring about twice (or maybe even more) the price as sets with 1.5 inch
checkers.  Of course it could be my harping on this newsgroup that has
caused this EBay phenomenon, but if that's true I want my cut from the
winning sellers!  :)
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